logo maximenuck 64Maximenu CK

Maximenu CK is a Joomla megamenu dropdown with nice effects.

logo slideshowck 64Slideshow CK

Slideshow CK, nice effect with this slideshow responsive design.

logo accordeonmenuck joomlaAccordeon Menu CK

Accordeon menu CK is a joomla accordion menu with mootools effects.

logo template creator joomlaTemplate Creator CK

Template Creator CK is a tool to create your own Joomla! templates.

Documentation Mediabox CK

Documentation Mediabox CK

Package of the documentation for the plugin Mediabox CK. 

This documentation has to be bought for a small amount of 6 € that helps contributing to the project and supports its development.

Document content table :

I.Plugin installation 6
1.Plugin Mediabox_CK installation 7
1.1)The plugin Mediabox_CK 7
1.2)The plugin Mediaboxtag_CK 7
2.Plugin parameters 8
II.Plugin usage 11
1.Links creation in editor mode 12
2.Links creation in HTML mode 15
3.Links creation with the plugin Mediaboxtag_CK 16
4.Creating album 17
4.1)Editor mode without the plugin Mediaboxtag 17
4.2)With the plugin Mediaboxtag 17

After payment you will be redirected to this website and an email containing the download link will be sent you. If you encounter some difficulties contact me.

NOTE : No warranty nor support is furnished with this package, but I will do my best to help you if necessary.

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