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Translated to spanish

I have downloaded and installed your Cookies CK extension. Really good.

I have translated the strings to Spanish.

If you are interested, let write to me with your email addres and I can send you to use.

My email is:

Congratulations for your work.


Toggle Menu in Page Builder CK


Toggle Menu (Show-hide) to take up less space. Something like Joomla 4.0  :)

Best regards


Accept all button not working in Cookies CK

Hello, I'm testing your new plugin Cookies CK on my test site, I have noticed some issues:

1. when clicking on "Customize" button and than click on "Tout Accepter" or "Tout decliner" nothing happens. May be window should close automatically after user accepts or declines all coockies? I see same behaviour on your own web site. Then when click on "Coockies options" in the form with coockies when click accept all or decline all, nothing happens. Previously accepted coockies has two buttons "accept" and "decline" for this reason we don't know which coockie has been acepted and which one declined. 

2. On my test site I've got about 14 different coockies, but none of them is detected by automatic detection of the plugin. 

Thank you! 


Max-Width for picture in Slideshow CK



Is there possible easily set Max-Width for picture in Slideshow CK, because there is already Min-Hight?


Butiful ck

Bonjour Cédric,  une petite idée d'amélioration de Biutiful ck, pour le moement il est possible d'appliquer un style à un module mais il serais pas mal de pouvoir appliquer un style à une image d'intro ou d'article ( onglet images et lien ) je ne sais pas si cela est faisable mais ce serait canon si c'etait possible.

Merci et bravo pour ton travail.

Laurent Dubois


let users choose their frontend language in their profile

I don't speak french and everytime I log into my account, I must set my language to english because my language settings are not stored.

Why don't you just let people choose their frontend language in their profile settings?





J'utilise vos extensions depuis qq années avec abonnement annuel >>> donc j'en suis plus que satisfait.

Avez-vous créer une extension qui permettrait à l'internaute de télécharger un fichier à partir d'un site élaboré avec Joomla ?

Merci de votre réponse




Problem of mega menu theme 28

When I tried theme 28 in Megamenu, it showed failure as following. Maybe some mistake in the link? 


Load images from a folder


PB.CK >> Elements >>Images gallery >> Image gallery Edition.( Load images from a folder )

Is it possible to add such a function in the future? Load images from a folder as it is e.g. in Slideshow CK PRO.


Image Effect CK Params


Create a separate effect in the effects library, or an action mechanism in a component that will show the title under the photo or above the photo outside of its area.

Many galleries have the option of placing an image caption under the photo , or above the photo

In this gallery, such an option would also be useful for the user. Probably only I am asking about this possibility :)



Outil de création rapide, puissant et responsive.

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