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Bonjour, Cédric,

My oldest and largest website is . This site is for the exclusive use of my community's residents and former residents, who number upwards of 2,000.people. Last year, as a volunteer driver helping non-driving people to medical and other appointments, I met a resident who, like his wife, has been blind since birth. His statement was that our website is "useless" beause his screen readers can not "see" menus and other on-screen elements. 

Recently this person suggested instAlling software from . This software has been installed on , the website for the builder om our community. If you open this site and type Ctrl-U (or click a small icon in the lower-right corner) you will see an accessibility menu. If you play around, you can get it to read the screen and hear what a blind person hears - quite usable for him, he says.

I did install this on my development site and Ctrl-U opens the accessibility menu. Again, you can make it vocalize (say) what it "sees" on the top menu. You can also select "Highlight Links" and see the problem - in MaximenuCK "separator" menu items are not recognized as menu items, and drop-down and fly-out menus that aren't visible unless clicked (or hovered) are not read at all.

I have learned of two other blind people in the community and I wold like very much to provide them access to the content of my website through the UserWay screen reader. 

My suggestion, then, is to provide a way to code the very beautiful and rich MaximenuCK is such a way as to make its functionality "visible" to the blind. If you have done this already I would appreciate a link to the documentation.

Thank you very much/Merci beaucoup et bonne année nouvelle,
Jim Brooking


A dedicated Menu on your website where published updates within the last two monthes are listed



Having to open each menu in the download section is not helpful at all.

Direct link to download only needed files in websites maintenance would be great !

A drop down with a period choice for example : last week, last decade, last month, last 2 monthes.


Thanks in advance.




custom code


Such an idea for a new element:"custom code".
Page builder CK -> Elements ->"custom code".
Here you can put any code you want.Enables you to place PHP,JavaScript and any kind of HTML style code.


Page builder CK gallery

Hi *_*

Page builder CK -> Elements -> Imagess Gallery :Pagination

The "getPagesCounter ()" method prints a small message saying "Page 1 of 2", and maybe "getPagesLinks ()" prints a navigation window.
--------------- |

lazy loading images :) it would be useful too



Mediabox CK - A multimedia lightbox



please  can you add some small feature

when we have video in lightbox - to have 'options' that allow to add subtitles

            if (isAudio) {
                html += ''
            } else {
                html += ''

                      // some like
                      if (params['subtitle']) {

                        html +='';

// or can be extended to have comma separated  params['subtitle']='en,fr,br'

// as it will be supposed to be uplaoded file with subtitles



Mediabox CK


Lazy loading images in gallery option Mediabox CK :)


Pack 2 en 1

proposer un pack template creator + page builder ck param


PageBuilder "Blog"

1. The ImageEffectCK ignores spaces in Image Titles


2. The "Blog" from PageBuilder ignores categories:

When I choose "Load articles based on: only text" in the Site-Frontend all articeles will be listet.


3. My goal is to show some articles (all with the same categorie) in the PageBuilder-Blog. Only leading image with nice ImageEffectCK on it an a short text  (until the read on) should be seen. Without the "Intro image".

What are the correct settings for this, is this possible?




Vertical align for Slideshow CK

Is it possible to give a slide vertical align?

I´m developing a new site (
On low resolutions (phones an tablets) the ratio of the container is 16:10 like the displayed images.
On larger resolutions a ratio 10:4 is my preferred choice.

Now it would be nice to align the images vertically (respectively center it) to decide which detail is shown.

Categories of Joomla in the Maximenu CK


There is a need show to categories of Joomla in the Maximenu CK.

Can this be done through the plugin?



Outil de création rapide, puissant et responsive.

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