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Paying for Updates??


I hve been using your JoomlaCK extension for two years now. 

Not long ago I purchased the Maximenu CK Params 4.2.3 and installed it.

Thing is I don't believe I've bad it more than 6 months and yet when the new version comes out 4.2.4, I have to pay for it despite no expration yet on my 6 months with the 4.2.3????



Cookies CK

All OK . Very nice addition. It's only that you did not add the button I do not agree to cookies. "decline button"
Add this and the plugin will be perfect. Regards :)


menu manager ck

in Menu Manager CK, to manage multilingual site menu it may be interesting to be able to :

1) to duplicate a full menu creating a new one

2) to set a language easily in Menu Manager ck  for a full branch

3 ) to link menu entries between menus in different languages

Thank you for your work



Scroll To CK does not work when Using another link

Hello, I try to use Scroll To CK with a link that I've put into custom module like it is indicated in your How to use with Using another link.

Here is my link : <p><a href="#container-header-booking-form" class="scrollTo">Click me to scroll</a></p>

This link gives only simple link without scroll button appearance. 


I don't understand how to point the scroll button to the target link.


Best regards. 




Is it possible to modify the password, after the login in the site ?


Add layers and buttons to slideshow CK as in gantry slideshow

Hello, your extension SLIDESHOW CK is great but a little outdated right now so I had to stop using it

Modern slideshows have the option to insert multiple buttons for a slide as in Gantry 5 slideshow particle based on ULkit slideshow. That way you can combine slideshow and call to action. One single button isn't enough because you need to offer a secondary less important option (ex. BUT NOW - MORE INFO), whith one of the 2 buttons of a transparent background.

Moreover, many slideshow offer layers based features as in F5 slideshow:

It would be even geater to offer am option for more experienced users to insert their own HTML to slide in the overlay alltough I understand it could break layout if used improperly. 

I would be willing to pay extra for such features. 





Pagebuilder Params

The contact is great but would benefit from a reCapture been added as an option. I don't know how easy this would be, but would be something that is needed.

Do you have any suggestions for adding this atm so that I could still use the contact and implement the reCapture.





Mismatched Security Levels on Subordinate Menu Items Cause Failure

Re MaxiMenu-CK

Hi Cédric,

I inadvertently broke my website's top menu at Here's how:

I have a Separator-type link called  "Admin" having access level "Special". The other links under that top-level link were all either "Special" or "Super User" level. Worked perfectly.

I added a new link to this drop-down a couple of days ago to an article with access level "Registered", and for me ("Super User") all looked OK. However, yesterday and today I received a torrent of phone calls and emails from people who said the top menu was displaying as a list of menu items sunning down the left side of the page. A screen shot suggested this was an ordered list.

I finally thought to look at the Joomla Menus manager, and running down through the links under "Admin", I saw the new link with "Registered"for an access level. I changed that to "Special", matching the "Admin" access level, and the menu displayed correctly.

I wonder if there is a way MaxiMenu-CK could provide a diagnostic message when this situation arises, rather than apparently just giving up and presenting what looks loke an unformatted ordered list. Perhaps a console.error() message. This would have saved me and my usrs a huge amount of time over the last two days.

Thanks for your consideration.

Jim Brooking


modif commande et factures

Bonjour Cedric,

je cherche depuis un bout de temps un moyen de modifier, ajouter ou supprimer des champs dans les factures et les commandes.

par exemple, je voudrais supprimer le champ remise et afficher un autre champ que le champ prix de base

ne serait-ce pas une option possible pour PageBuilder ?




Slideshow suggestion

The slideshow is great but it would be even better if there were an option to show images in random order.


Outil de création rapide, puissant et responsive.

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