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Slideshow CK add minHeight parameter


Could you please add the min height parameter to the module options for slidehsow CK.

At the moment I have to 'hack' my setting into the module code each time it updates.

modslideshow.php change line 135 to:

minHeight: '" . $params->get('minheight', '') . "',

modslideshow.xml please add line 236:



Thank you for a really useful plugin, it's saved me a lot of time not needing to manually implement jquery camera.


Thank you, Patrick Short

Slideshow CK -- Overlay image such as a logo

I wish there would be an option to add an overlay image over the slidshow.

The overlay image can be a transparent logo of a company for example.

When the slideshow isrunning the componay logo is vissible at a fixed position over the slider.


Without this feature I have to create an extra module position in the Joomla! template and use css to show the logo module and the slideshow module over each other.

Anchors for tabs in PageBuilder

I have used NoNumber's tabs plugin till now and there's the ability to add an anchor after the URL to go directly to that tab. This is a great feature of NN Tabs and, I think, would be useful in PageBuilder too.


Google map pour pagebuilder

Deux fonctionnalités sympas seraient :

de pouvoir ajouter un lien sur le markeur sans passez par l'éditeur

de pouvoir ajouter plusieurs adresses sur le même plan



Zoom in

Hello,one of the features that I personally would take, would be to be able to pass the mouse over an image and have a zoom effect in real time. The function may be associated by assigning a specific class to make images from Zoom-active, and set two image in small and large dimension.

Thank you.



Make captions responsive


It would be great to have all elements responsive so that they align with main picture when it is made responsive - currently only able to adjust margins using px units - so using this method what works on a desktop is way off on a mobile. Making available the use of viewpoint units is the way to go so one can set a size relative to the browser window. This way the caption text and other elements e.g. the thumbnails would be sized appropriate to the screen being used and would also auto-adjust for any zoom level being used


Kind Regards

Joe Wall


Slideshow thumbnail

Could thumbnail become responsive - perhaps using vw and vh rather than px to size?



Category view organized in portfolio.

I would like an extension that can render the category listing using pictures only in a portofolio style, if a user add a new category, will be added to this menu that will be organized in columns and rows.  There are many plug ins out there that can display articles that way, but I did not find any that can do with categories, and eventually with article in a category once selected.

A working scenario would be:

a site about events, events are organized in categories such as "sport" "conventions" "concerts" etc... displayed only by pictures with some nice hover effect, organized in 5 columns portfolio (or more). Once user click on "sports", subcategories are displayed again just by their pictures, ex. "football" "hockey" "international soccer" , etc...

User select one subcategory, and articles will be displayed just by their pictures, in porfolio view, 5 columns.


Thanks for your amazing extensions.


load modules in pop ups

PLug in that can load any module in a popup, kinda like what your maximenu CK does when it loads module, but applied to any link.


Slideshow from articles.

Your extensions are great! What we'd really need now is a slideshow that can fetch content and images from articles.



Outil de création rapide, puissant et responsive.

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