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Abonnement généralisé


Je me demandais si il existait la possibilité de prendre un abonnement généralisé pour abtenir toutes les extensions (avec bien entendu un "petit rabais").

Ceci permettrait de simplifier les abonnements et de renouveller la totalité en une seule fois...




Floating Module CK

Hello Cedric,

Floating Module CK is a very helpful plugin - very good job!

However for small screens the parameter "min screen solution" is not working as I supposed:

In case the screen is smaller than the "min screen solution" the floated module totally disappears instead of beeing set at the original place.

Would be great to fix that issue.


Best regards



Rene Tetzlaff


360 panorama pic display (like Samsung Sphere 360)

FB has recently introduced a plug in that allowes to display a panorama pictures (360) by moving phone or mouse dragging. It basically uses any 360 pics. I have tried some plug in that claim to be able to do the same for Joomla but none really works.

Here is an example on FB:


Thank you.


Mediabox CK vimeo https bug

Dear JoomlaCK,

Thank you for your great plugins. I wanted to report a bug for the Mediabox. I use it to display Vimeo videos. When our site ran on http everything was fine but when we changed to https the video's stopped working. Even though I used a https link ( the plugin still called in the iframe and chrome blocked it because it was not secured. I changed the javascript files in assets to solve this problem. Maybe you could build a check in so it uses on an https website.


Kind regards,

Marijn Jeurissen

Image Effect CK - Suggestions


I really like Image Effect CK but here are a few suggestions that would greatly enhance it :)

  1. Ability to add hyperlink option to open link in new window (rather than currently forcing link in same window)
  2. Ability to change the size of the text displayed both for the titles and the text which becomes visible when the mouse is hovered over the pictures (as sometimes the text I've written doesn't quite fit into the window)

Many thanks, Kyle.


Slideshow CK add minHeight parameter


Could you please add the min height parameter to the module options for slidehsow CK.

At the moment I have to 'hack' my setting into the module code each time it updates.

modslideshow.php change line 135 to:

minHeight: '" . $params->get('minheight', '') . "',

modslideshow.xml please add line 236:



Thank you for a really useful plugin, it's saved me a lot of time not needing to manually implement jquery camera.


Thank you, Patrick Short

Slideshow CK -- Overlay image such as a logo

I wish there would be an option to add an overlay image over the slidshow.

The overlay image can be a transparent logo of a company for example.

When the slideshow isrunning the componay logo is vissible at a fixed position over the slider.


Without this feature I have to create an extra module position in the Joomla! template and use css to show the logo module and the slideshow module over each other.

Anchors for tabs in PageBuilder

I have used NoNumber's tabs plugin till now and there's the ability to add an anchor after the URL to go directly to that tab. This is a great feature of NN Tabs and, I think, would be useful in PageBuilder too.


Google map pour pagebuilder

Deux fonctionnalités sympas seraient :

de pouvoir ajouter un lien sur le markeur sans passez par l'éditeur

de pouvoir ajouter plusieurs adresses sur le même plan



Zoom in

Hello,one of the features that I personally would take, would be to be able to pass the mouse over an image and have a zoom effect in real time. The function may be associated by assigning a specific class to make images from Zoom-active, and set two image in small and large dimension.

Thank you.




Outil de création rapide, puissant et responsive.

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