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Make captions responsive


It would be great to have all elements responsive so that they align with main picture when it is made responsive - currently only able to adjust margins using px units - so using this method what works on a desktop is way off on a mobile. Making available the use of viewpoint units is the way to go so one can set a size relative to the browser window. This way the caption text and other elements e.g. the thumbnails would be sized appropriate to the screen being used and would also auto-adjust for any zoom level being used


Kind Regards

Joe Wall


Slideshow thumbnail

Could thumbnail become responsive - perhaps using vw and vh rather than px to size?



Category view organized in portfolio.

I would like an extension that can render the category listing using pictures only in a portofolio style, if a user add a new category, will be added to this menu that will be organized in columns and rows.  There are many plug ins out there that can display articles that way, but I did not find any that can do with categories, and eventually with article in a category once selected.

A working scenario would be:

a site about events, events are organized in categories such as "sport" "conventions" "concerts" etc... displayed only by pictures with some nice hover effect, organized in 5 columns portfolio (or more). Once user click on "sports", subcategories are displayed again just by their pictures, ex. "football" "hockey" "international soccer" , etc...

User select one subcategory, and articles will be displayed just by their pictures, in porfolio view, 5 columns.


Thanks for your amazing extensions.


load modules in pop ups

PLug in that can load any module in a popup, kinda like what your maximenu CK does when it loads module, but applied to any link.


Slideshow from articles.

Your extensions are great! What we'd really need now is a slideshow that can fetch content and images from articles.


Template Creator - Slideshow CK

Hi Ced,

Following are my small wishlist for two great tools of you:


1. I would like to have the option to select fonts types loaded in a combobox from Google Fonts or other source. I mean. not having to download the source file. Other similar option for icons to use in any place of template as menu or articles.

Template Creator is a wonderful template framework. Congratulations for this job.

2. I would like to have all features of Bootstrap and HTML5 too. When I active the option to work with bootstrap, my page gets an unsual behavior, and I must disable it.


1. I would like to have the option to set a text with background in a specific point (x,y). This for both extensions, Slideshow (from front end) and Slideshow CK Params (from text file). At the moment, this option is not available, and to cover this, is necessary assign left or right in percent applied on the div. This not offers good results when page is shown in responsive mode (mobil, tablet, etc).

Slideshow CK is in my opinion an excelent slider, but I think is necessary to improve the features to handle text with background color in any point (x,y).



Elvis Zem


New responsive design options for Template Creator CK


There is a module called "responsive module rerouter", and we would prefer if similar functionality would be part of TemplateCreator CK. This way the "side menu" can appear above the main content in mobile layouts, while other side modules would end up under the main content. 

Others already asked for it, but I think I found a solution you can copy and integrate into Template Creator CK. An integrated version with "upper left", "lower left", "upper right" and "lower right" positions, compatible with Module Manager CK would be far friendlier than having to use a third party module.

(Their system uses multipe copies of a module, but not sure if it can be managed with absolute position divs attached to different elemtns responsively, that is why I suggest to check their way)  


Module title: Height adjustment


Some modules have a 2 line title, some modules have an one line title, yet we would prefer if their title area would be of same height and the contents of the modules would be aligned as well. Right now we use custom CSS for module titles, but I would prefer Template Creator CK would have a normal input box for height (and preferable min-height, max-height) of modole titles. 

Thank you :)


MaxiMenuCK + Mobile - freeze ot top

Hello !

First of all - thanks for the very good extensions !

I just noted an inconvenience using MaxiMenuCK + Mobile Plugin - no option to freeze MENU on top.

So when you scroll a page - you have to manually scroll back on top to choose other item from Maxi Mobile menu.

I use latest Maxi extensions on Joomla 3.4.1 with native Protostar template and Maxi parameters

Mobile plugin - Mobile Theme = default

MaxiMenu Module - Mobile Options

Menu Place - body, flat, normal.

Thank you in advance for a sooner solution !

Best regards,




Je suggère un événementiel avec la possibilité d'avoir une carte pour localiser le lieu, des cases à cocher qui permettent à l'annonceur d'indiquer s'il y a des commodités, le prix de l'accès, s'il y a des places handicapés, si c'est fumeur / non fumeur, s'il y a un parking, etc.

Il faudrait qu'il y ait la possibilité d'insérer l'affiche de l'évènement aussi d'ajouter la possibilité d'ajouter un petit reportage (texte, photos, vidéos) post évènement.

Peut-être aussi une case du genre : J'envisage de venir, je viendrais, je ne viendrais pas

Voili voilà.

Je passe le texte dans google translate pour voir si çà peu interresser nos amis anglophone. Je te laisse corriger la traduction, tu es certainement plus fort que moi.



I suggest an event with the possibility to have a map with the location, check boxes that allow the advertiser to indicate if any amenities, the price of access, if any handicapped seats, if smoker / non-smoker, if there is a parking lot, etc.
It would have to be able to insert the poster of the event also add the ability to add a small report (text, photos, videos) post event.
Perhaps as a kind of box: I plan to come, I'll come, I would not come




Outil de création rapide, puissant et responsive.

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