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Instagram Gallery

Do you think about an Extension, to integrate Instagram in Joomla as a Module.

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I just renew pagebuilder ck pro, just for de possibility of using the iframe. Sadly enough to find out that I just can enter an url. I just want to put some text in the iframe. Maybe you can add this possibility? I would be very gratefull, otherwise this has no added value for me and is a waste of my money. Als I need to ope the iframe with a button.

With kind regards,

Wout Dekker

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Cookies CK- Decline


For the "Decline" button, adding configuration options, actions after clicking by the user, e.g. When, someone does not agree to the privacy policy then
automatic logout of people from the site

I noticed this possibility on one of the pages that I visited accidentally and I liked this function very much.
automatically kicked me out of the page I was on :) .regards


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custom code


Such an idea for a new element:"custom code".
Page builder CK -> Elements ->"custom code".
Here you can put any code you want.Enables you to place PHP,JavaScript and any kind of HTML style code.

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A dedicated Menu on your website where published updates within the last two monthes are listed



Having to open each menu in the download section is not helpful at all.

Direct link to download only needed files in websites maintenance would be great !

A drop down with a period choice for example : last week, last decade, last month, last 2 monthes.


Thanks in advance.



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Plugin Maximenu CK Params

Hallo ich habe mich beim Kauf vertan .... ich habe mir das  Plugin Maximenu CK Params kaufen, gehört habe das Thema Pck gehört, dieses kann ich bei Jommla 3x9 nicht können sie sie das umtauschen.


Vielen Dank

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Problème de mise à jour



Les mises à jour ne se font pas sur mon site :-(


Capture ecran

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Is it possible to modify the password, after the login in the site ?

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Scroll To CK does not work when Using another link

Hello, I try to use Scroll To CK with a link that I've put into custom module like it is indicated in your How to use with Using another link.

Here is my link : <p><a href="#container-header-booking-form" class="scrollTo">Click me to scroll</a></p>

This link gives only simple link without scroll button appearance. 


I don't understand how to point the scroll button to the target link.


Best regards. 


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Mismatched Security Levels on Subordinate Menu Items Cause Failure

Re MaxiMenu-CK

Hi Cédric,

I inadvertently broke my website's top menu at Here's how:

I have a Separator-type link called  "Admin" having access level "Special". The other links under that top-level link were all either "Special" or "Super User" level. Worked perfectly.

I added a new link to this drop-down a couple of days ago to an article with access level "Registered", and for me ("Super User") all looked OK. However, yesterday and today I received a torrent of phone calls and emails from people who said the top menu was displaying as a list of menu items sunning down the left side of the page. A screen shot suggested this was an ordered list.

I finally thought to look at the Joomla Menus manager, and running down through the links under "Admin", I saw the new link with "Registered"for an access level. I changed that to "Special", matching the "Admin" access level, and the menu displayed correctly.

I wonder if there is a way MaxiMenu-CK could provide a diagnostic message when this situation arises, rather than apparently just giving up and presenting what looks loke an unformatted ordered list. Perhaps a console.error() message. This would have saved me and my usrs a huge amount of time over the last two days.

Thanks for your consideration.

Jim Brooking

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Outil de création rapide, puissant et responsive.

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