Automatically open the popup on page load

Mediabox CK has a feature that allows you to automatically show a popup on page load.

With the tag (Mediabox CK Pro)

Using Mediabox CK Pro, you can use the tag directly with the button editor. In your tag you can add the autoload params to tell the system to open it automatically.

Example :

{mediabox src=images/myimage.jpg|autoload}{/mediabox}

 You can place this into an article, in a module or where you want.


If you know how to write some html code, you can use this technique to add the autoload attribute. On your link you must add the attribute data-autoload="1"


<a data-autoload="1" rel="lightbox" href="/images/myimage.jpg" ></a>


You can give a link to what you want, an image, but also an url. If you want to open an article without the whole template (just the article content), you can use the &tmpl=component parameter in the url.


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