Maximenu CK Params

Maximenu CK Params

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Maximenu CK Params manage  the parameters of links that are created in the module Maximenu CK and give you an interface with a direct preview to style your menu.


NOTE : this version iscompatible Joomla! 3. For Joomla! 2.5 please use this version

This package has to be purchased for 14 €, it contains

  • The plugin to manage your menu settings in the links options
  • The component Maximenu Params to style your menu
  • The Maximenu Params documentation in English and French
  • Access for updates during 6 months

After payment you will be redirected to this website and an email containing the download link will be sent you. If you encounter some difficulties contact me.

NOTE : No warranty nor support is furnished with this package, but I will do my best to help you if necessary.

What you can do with the plugin :

apercu maximenu6

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