Mobile Menu CK can create any mobile menu, also for any menu that is loaded in your page.

Create the menu

Go in your admin >> components >> Mobile Menu CK to see the list of all your mobile menus. Click on the Custom menu tab to see the menus that are not linked to a module.

admin custom menus

You can use the buttons in the toolbar to create a new menu, copy, edit or delete your custom menus. In the menu edition you will find some options :

 custom menu options

There are 2 required fields :

Title : you must give a title to your menu

CSS Selector : this is the most important field because this is used to find the menu in the page that you want to transform into a mobile menu.

Menu ID : this can be used to give a specific ID to the mobile menu. Only use this option if you know what you are doing and if you have the sufficient CSS skills

Menu selector : this filters which item to use for the menu root

Child items selector : this filters which items to include in the mobile menu

Menu place : select where to place the menu (in the page, in the normal menu place, top fixed)

There are other options that you can use for your mobile menu.