Order addons in the page builder

When using Page Builder CK, you have to drag and drop the addons from the left panel into your content. By default the addons are not in a defined order.

Se the addons order

Example :

left panel no order

There is no logic here, you have to search to find a text block, the icon, etc. The magic is that you can totally control this, you can order your addons like you want. Go in the plugins manager of your Joomla website and filter by type Pagebuilderck.

plugins pagebuilder list

You get the list of all addons. Click on the order icon of the left column, then you can drag and drop each plugin and order them as you want. Here is an example of a more logical order :

left panel order

That's all ! But look at it, have you seen that you can play with these plugins ? For each addon you can also


Set the addons display type

You can show your addons by list or by grid. By default the display is set by grid

Example of grid display :

addons display type grid

Example of list display :

addons display type list


Download Page Builder CK