1. Enable the Front Edition

To use the front edition you must

The Front Edition of Page Builder CK works only with the templates that have been created with Template Creator CK.

To enable the Front Edition, you need to login on frontend (you can enable the shared sessions to do it easier), then click on the Enable Front Edition button.


frontedition enable


Once enabled, you will get the Page Builder CK editor in the page

frontedition preview


You can also totally disable the feature if you don't want your users to edit in frontend. Go in the Admin >> Page Builder CK >> Options >> Use Frontedition = NO


2. How it works

The way it works is very simple :

You don't have to worry about the name of the positions, where they are place in the page, nothing. Just visually add your content.

The important thing that you must know is that it creates real joomla modules that you can edit in the admin interface. It means taht you can assign the modules to the pages that you want, use the ACL and everything else.

If you want to do more and create any type of module in the Front Edition, move them, edit them all in frontend, you can do that with Modules Manager CK which is fully compatible with the Front Edition from Page Builder CK  and Template Creator CK.


3. Use the Front Edition with Page Builder CK and Modules Manager CK

3.1 Requirements

To use both Page Builder CK and Modules Manager CK with the Front Edition feature, you must have the minimum versions :


3.2 Features

Using Modules Manager CK and the Front Edition feature, you can

These features can be used in the same time as Page Builder CK to create the content. It gives you more control on all modules

3.3 Debugging


If you see this message :

WARNING : Modules Manager CK has been detected but its version is not up to date. You must set up your system correctly or it will not work.

then your version of Modules Manager CK is not correct and you have a version under 1.3.1. You have multiple solutions to solve this :


Useful note :

The Front Edition feature from the CK products is the ability to edit your content in frontend directly in your template with a visual interface. You must make a difference between