You can create multiple columns in a row. Click on the Edit the columns button in the row toolbar :

page builder columns edition

You will activate the options to manage your columns. In the left panel, you can see the options :

Where you are editing the columns you can see the width of each column that is displayed in a field. You can enter the value you want (in %) for each column. Example with 2 columns of 50% :

page builder columns 2 cols

Auto width

Note that when changing a value for a column, it will automatically calculate the other widths accordingly.

Let’s make an example with 3 columns with 40 / 25 / 35 %.

Start creating 3 columns :

page builder columns 3 cols auto width

Then give the value of 40% in the first column

You can see here that the 2 others columns have automatically the 30% width.

page builder columns 3 cols 40 30 30

Now if you want to give the second column the width of 25%, you will need to lock the first one to keep it on 40%. Click on the lock icon in the 1st column, then give the value in the 2nd column.

page builder columns 3 cols custom width

That’s it, you can give the values you want like this.


Advanced layout

page builder columns advanced

Click on the Advanced layout to activate the ability to set your columns like you want. When you are using this mode, there is no gutter value. Imagine that you have 4 columns of 50% … how would it be aligned in one row ? This is not possible but in fact you can do it !

The columns will take place one under the other and let you create custom layouts.

Example with 4 columns of 50 % :

page builder columns 4 cols advanced

You can add as many columns as you want, and give them any width value.

See more example of designs that you can do :

page builder columns multi cols rows

All these columns will take place in one row, that means that you can give a background color or image to your row, and get a big block with many columns and elements in each column.

Note that all columns will have the same height automatically, you don’t have to care about the height of the content, if you give a background to your columns they will be aligned.