user rights

You can control the way each row can be accessed by the users. For each usergroup you can define if the user has the rights to edit it, and also the rights to view it in frontend.

You can also use the ACL of the component to decide who can use this feature.


Setup the access rights on the row

Click on the row toolbar >> Access rights to open the options in the left panel
row toolbar
In the left panel you will see the table with the list of all user groups that exist in the website. For each usergroup you can allow / disallow

user rights options

Note that the Super Users group is not listed. You can not disable the feature for the Super Users.

Setup the rights for the feature

You can select who can use this feature using the ACL of the component. Go in items access rights

 Using this feature you can really control who can edit and who can see the content of your website from Page Builder CK