slideshowck options slidesmanager

The slides manager integrated with Slideshow CK offers many features to allow you to create your slides in a fast and easy way. Here is a list of the features that you can use :

For all slides


For each slide

 Let's see these options more in details :

Select an image

slideshowck slidesmanager options image

Click on the image, or on the edit icon at the right of the image path and you will open the Media Manager CK that is included with Slideshow CK. Here is what you will get :

ck media manager

You can browser through your folder with an instant preview of the images, the image names and you can click on the image that you want to select to put it in the slide.

Set a text to show in the caption

You are not obligated to give a text or to use a caption on your images, but this is something that you can do easily. There are 2 options:

slideshowck slidesmanager options text custom

slideshowck slidesmanager options text article


Set a specific duration

In the slide, just at the right of the image you can see the hourglass icon. You can set a duration in [ms] here, this will force the slide to be show during this time value. If you don't set any value here, then the module option Effects >> Display time will be used. By default this value is set to 7000 (= 7 seconds).


Set a link

slideshowck slidesmanager options link

You can give a link for each slide, this can be any url. You can

ck menu manager

On each link you can also define the target option :


Set a video

slideshowck slidesmanager options video

Even if you want to show a video, you will need to set up an image for the slide. Without image your slide will not work.

Tip : take a screenshot of the video player and use this image in the slide

You can choose if you want to load

ck media manager video

 Set dates

 slideshowck slidesmanager options date

On each slide you can give a start date and an end date. This will be used to check if the slide must be shown in the slideshow. This is a very useful option if you want to create special slides for special events like Christmas, Black Friday or anything else.


Enable / Disable the slide

You can click on the ON/OFF button on each slide to deactivate it. It will not be loaded into the slideshow, but it will remains in the list so that you can still activate it when you need it again. A disabled slide will look like this :

slideshowck slidesmanager disabled slide