Load your articles ordered by date into your accordion menu

You can show your articles oderded by date into your menu with an accordion feature. This is automatic and needs only few clicks to work. Look how you can do that with the Accordeon Menu CK menu.

Install the Accordeon Menu CK Params

Download the package Accordeonmenu CK Params and install it into your Joomla! website using the Extensions >> Install menu.

You shall see the success message telling you that the plugin articlesbydate is installed.

install accordeonmenuck params

Select the source in the module

Go in your module (or create a new Accordeon Menu CK module if you don't have one), in the Source tab. You will see a dropdown list where you can choose between multiple options

accordeonmenuck source tab

You will then see all available options to load your articles. There are a lot of options that you can play with :

accordeonmenuck articlesbydate options


Download Accordeonmenu CK Params