table of contents for joomla

Create table of contents instantly and automatically for your Joomla content using the short tag in your articles. It will list all your title tags from the current article and list them into a table of content with links and smooth scroll.



Page Builder CK Params

The Params addon will give you more elements to use in your page and will add some features to the component. The Params package will install some other Page Builder CK plugins that you can use to drag'n drop some new elements into your pages.

Cookies alert for the UE legislation

Show a cookie alert for your visitors accoring to the European Union legislation. This is simple to use and can be styled in various designs.



Menu Manager for Joomla!

Menu Manager CK allows you to manage your menus items with drag and drop. You can add, remove, rename and move your menu items with drag & drop instantly anywhere in the menu structure !

Page builder CK - Easy and fast content creation

Create your content easily with drag and drop and many predefined elements without effort. You can create your custom pages using accordions, tabs, icons, and styles them like you want with the styling interface.

Scroll your page nicely

Scroll you page where you want, and when you go down you can activate the Go To Top button to come back to the top nicely.

Joomla! Floating module

Use Floating Module CK to choose any of your modules to make it float in the page. Just activate it in the module options and you can choose between multiple settings like float always or float on scroll, background color, distance with the page ....


Modules manager joomla

Modules Manager CK allows you to manage your modules directly into your Joomla! template. Imagine that you can add, remove, rename and move your modules into your website with drag & drop instantly ! You don't need to search your modules positions anymore !


Fast and powerful creation, customizable and responsive.

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