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table of contents for joomla

Create table of contents instantly and automatically for your Joomla content using the short tag in your articles. It will list all your title tags from the current article and list them into a table of content with links and smooth scroll.



Demo of Table Of Contents CK

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  2. How to use it
  3. Smooth scroll

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Fast and easy
There is nothing more to do than putting the tag in your articles where you want to place the table. It will automatically create the links to your titles.
Smooth scroll
Table Of Contents CK is compatible with Scroll To CK which will render a smooth scroll when you click a title to the table. It will scroll to the title in the page, with a nice animation.


How to use it

It is easy as pie ! Go in your article (or any content) from your Joomla website, then write toc tag and it will automatically replace the tag with your list of titles. It will take care about the hierarchy H2, H3, H4... to render a multilevel list.

There is nothing more to do, each title in the table of contents will have a link that goes directly to that section of your page.

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Smooth scroll

Table Of Contents CK is compatible with Scroll To CK. This means that you can enable the Scroll To plugin and immediatly have the smooth scrolling feature for your table of contents.


Light version

Automatic listing of title tags

Smooth scroll

Customizable using CSS

Fast use

Forum support

Use on multiple domains

1 Year updates


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Release notes (click to show) :

VERSION 1.0.4 - 04/05/21
  • Fix an issue with css class applied to the title
VERSION 1.0.2 - 12/03/21
  • Fix an issue with span tag in title