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Here you will find the list of available graphic theme to personalize your module Slideshow CK.

All these themes are worked in order to be the most compatible, however no warranty nor support is given with these packages.


How to install a theme ?

Download the ZIP of the theme and go in the Joomla backend >> Extension manager >> Install. Select the file and install it as any other extension. You will see the added theme in the select list option in the module Slideshow CK.

The package can be downloaded for only 7 €.

Package theme Default

This package contains 5 themes based on the default theme.
Screenshot of the theme Default_2
theme default2 slideshow joomla
Screenshot of the theme Default_3
theme default3 slideshow joomla
Screenshot of the theme Default_4
theme default4 slideshow joomla
Screenshot of the theme Default_5
theme default5
Screenshot of the theme Default_6
theme default6

Download the Package theme Default for Slideshow CK

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