First of all I have to tell that you are upgrading a major version  ! From Version 1 to Version 2 of Slideshow CK.

Please don't believe that everyting will be automatic and that there will be no impact.

Also note that many efforts have been put in this new version to keep a maximum of compatibility with the settings of the Version 1 and give you the most efficient way to update. We will see what are the changes, and the steps to follow.


Options that have changed

The interface of the V2 of Slideshow CK seems lighter than the V1, but in fact it has more options ! The options have been reorganized for a better use and all duplicated options have been merged.

See a list of options that have been updated :

Version 1

Version 2

Options tabs >> Multiple source tabs for slides manager, autoload from a folder, autoload from articles, autoload from Flickr, Hikashop options

tasb 1

Options tabs >> All options merged in a single tab called "Source"

tasb 2

Source tab >> A single select list to choose the source of the slides

Source tab >> A select list to choose the source of the slides. All options from the source appears under the list so that you will only see the option from what you need.

Flickr options >> Show caption

Options >> Text >> Show caption (that applies to all sources)
Hikashop options  >> Max number of products Options >> Display >> Number of slides (that applies to all sources)
Hikashop options  >> Where to put the link Options >> Link >> Link position (that applies to all sources)
Joomgallery options  >> Max number of images Options >> Display >> Number of slides (that applies to all sources)
Lightbox options  >> Autolink to the image Options >> Link >> Link auto to the image (that applies even if no lithtbox)
Article options >> Article link on Options >> Link >> Link position (that applies to all sources)
Article options >> Show the article title Options >> Text >> Show the title (that applies to all sources)
Article options >> Character length Options >> Text >> Character length (that applies to all sources)
Caption styles >> Show caption Options >> Text >> Show the caption (that applies to all sources)
Caption styles >> Show description Options >> Text >> Show the description (that applies to all sources)
Caption styles >> All styling options Options >> Style >> select and edit a style with the new styling interface


Theme styling

The verison 2 of Slideshow CK has been improved with a new styling interface that is totally different from the old styles otions that are available in the V1 module options. Due to this fact, the styling options has not been automatically updated, you must edit the styles manually to put your margins and color again.

The themes features (looking in the module theme folder) is still in use with the V2 and fully compatible with the V1 themes that you may have created for your slideshows.

All the existing CSS classes used in the V1 are the same in the V2, no changes have been make to keep the best compatibility.

Source of slides / plugins

Version 1

Version 2

The sources options (Hikashop, Flickr, folder, articles ...) were loaded from the Params plugin and also few specific system plugins. The code was hard to maintain and many features were into the module code


New slideshowck plugins has been developped to open the doors to any developper to create a new source plugin to make Slideshow CK compatible with any third party extension, or external source.

A better logic and easier to maintain.

Plugins list :

All are system plugins :

  • slideshowckparams (has features for Google Photos, Flickr, Articles, Folder)
  • slideshowckhikashop
  • slideshowckjoomgallery
  • slideshowckk2
  • slideshowckvirtuemart

Plugins list :

1 system plugin :

  • slideshowck

Other slideshowck type plugin :

  • articles
  • flickr
  • folder
  • google
  • hikashop
  • joomgallery
  • k2
  • virtuemart


Params vs Pro


Version 1

Version 2

Since years the additional paid options have been added in the Params plugin and other plugins (virutemart, hikashop, joomgallery, k2).


The new process is now to have the

  • Light version with many free features as in the V1 free version
  • Pro version with ALL features in a single package


Membership and price changes


Version 1

Version 2

Module : Free

Plugin Params : 9 € / 6 months updates

Plugin Hikashop : 9 € / 6 months updates

Plugin Joomgallery : 9 € / 6 months updates

Plugin K2 : 9 € / 6 months updates

Plugin Virtuemart : 9 € / 6 months updates

Documentation : 7 € / 6 months updates

Themes : 7 € / 6 months updates


Total of 59 € for all products / 6 months updates

Light version : Free


Pro version (all features) : 24 € / 1 year updates

Free documentation online


This is about 80% discount on the final price


Q : What about the V1 and the product already paid ?

A : All your products will continue to work in the current version (until an update of the system like PHP versio, or Joomla version) would break it. You can continue to use it and decide to update when you want.


Outil de création rapide, puissant et responsive.

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