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Blog addon for Page Builder CK

Créez un impressionant blog pour afficher vos articles. I suffit de glisser et déposer l'élément de type blog dans votre page et le tour est joué ! Sélectionnez ensuite le nombre d'articles, la catégorie source, le nombre de colonnes, etc ...

Optimization SEO Page Builder

Nowadays you can not create a website without taking care about how your SEO score. To help you in improving your SEO, Page Builder CK introduces a new feature to compile the CSS. This means that all the CSS fiels and the inline styles generated from the component will be stored into one single file (per page). This reduces the number of server requests.

Page Builder - Override your content in your template

You shall know about the template override in Joomla! that allows you to change the html code that is rendered in the page. This technique is based on files that you shall put in your template and that will be used instead of the ones from the extension. Since the version 2.1.0 of Page Builder CK, you can now use an override technique to control the output from your template !

Image Effect CK for Joomla!

There are a lot of predefined effects in the plugin that you can apply on your images. But if you could modifiy them in a secure way, and add your own ? This is possible !

You can create your own css file and use the override system so that it will not be losted by a future update, and you can create a JSON file to list your own css classes to use.

Page Builder - Private media images folder per user

When using a website with multiple users, you may want them to access to the edition to publish some content. But what about the medias upload ? The best solution is to get one media folder per user, and you can do that with Page Builder CK.

stop floating joomla

Since the version 1.1.6 of Floating Module CK you can select where to stop the module when it floats. Example :

- your module is in a left column

- when scrolling it sticks to the top of the screen

- and you want it to stop floating to avoid to goes out of its container

This is now possible using a simple option to give the CSS selector of the element that the module shall not overflow. Check this few steps to understand how it works :

Outil de création rapide, puissant et responsive.

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