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Maximenu CK is a Joomla megamenu dropdown with nice effects.

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Slideshow CK, nice effect with this slideshow responsive design.

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Accordeon menu CK is a joomla accordion menu with mootools effects.

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Template Creator CK is a tool to create your own Joomla! templates.

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Slideshow CK can display your images or videos with nice effects. It is compatible with mobiles, resonsive design (adaptive width) and you can slide with your fingers on your mobile. You can easily manage the slide in the module options with a Drag & Drop interface.

Slideshow CK uses the Camera script from Pixedelic.

 Demo of Slideshow CK

This is a bridge
This slideshow uses the JQuery script from Pixedelic


Using Slideshow CK

You can add your own slides with a Drag & Drop interface directly in the module administration. You can select an image to show for each slide and then add a link for each one too. For each slide you can choose to display a video, then you will select an image that will be used for the transition.

slideshowck options1


You can order your slides just by sliding them with Drag & Drop. Test the Responsive design by resizing your browser window, you will see the slideshow will adapt its width.


Options of the module Slideshow CK

You can define the styles with a specific interface to offer you the best ergonomy :

slideshowck options2-en

Other options :

slideshowck options3-en

slideshowck options4-en


List of features of the slideshow


  • Unlimited slides
  • Ergonomic admin interface with Drag & Drop
  • Can display images or videos
  • Kenburns effect available
  • Multiple options to congifure the slideshow
  • Mobiles compatible, you can slide with your fingers
  • Responsive design (adapts the image to the width of the container)
  • Multiple skins
  • You can add a link on any slide
  • Captions with HTML allowed (to put some links for example)
  • Display order normal or shuffle/random
  • Load the images directly from a folder (needs the plugin Slideshow params)
  • Open the links in a Lightbox, native Joomla! or Mediabox CK (needs the plugin Slideshow params)
  • Compatible with Virtuemart (needs the plugin Slideshow CK Virtuemart)
  • Load automatically the images from your articles (needs the plugin Slideshow params)
  • Load automatically the images from Flickr (needs the plugin Slideshow params)


Download the module Slideshow CK for Joomla 2.5

Download the module Slideshow CK for Joomla 3.x

Download the plugin Slideshow CK for Worpdress

Download the documentation Slideshow CK

Download a graphic theme for Slideshow CK

Download the Plugin Slideshow CK Params

Download the plugin Slideshow Virtuemart

Download the plugin Slideshow Hikashop

Vote for Slideshow CK in the JED


Release notes :

VERSION 1.4.22 - 14/10/15
- fix an issue with Curl using Flickr option
- add option for the Kenburns effect

VERSION 1.4.21 - 24/08/15
- added option to automatically load the images from a Flickr album

VERSION 1.4.19 - 29/06/15
- fix an issue with existing thumbnails

VERSION 1.4.18 - 26/06/15
- fix a navigation issue on hover with mobiles

VERSION 1.4.17 - 18/06/15
- fix an issue with sQuezebox (modal from joomla!) after the version 1.4.16

VERSION 1.4.16 - 15/06/15
- does not load  Mootools anymore if not really needed for SqueezeBox

VERSION 1.4.15 - 12/05/15
- added option for a responsive caption

VERSION 1.4.14 - 05/05/15
- added option for publishing/unpublishing the slides in the manager

VERSION 1.4.13 - 12/03/15 (J!3 only)
- updated the slides manager to jQuery for Joomla! 3.4

VERSION 1.4.12 - 23/02/15 (J!3 only)
- added option to load the images from Joomgallery using the Plugin Slideshow CK - Joomgallery
- added option to load the products from Virtuemart 3 usnig the Plugin Slideshow CK - Virtuemart 3 - Joomla 3

VERSION 1.4.11- 01/02/15
- fix an issue with the caption in the lightbox
- fix an issue to display the caption if no description is set
- increase the modal window for the image selection
- fix an issue with the size of the autocreated thumbs

VERSION 1.4.10 - 05/01/15
- fix an issue with the thumbs height when not using the pagination

VERSION 1.4.9 - 02/01/15
- fix an issue with the description when autoload from a folder

VERSION 1.4.8 - 22/12/14
- added option to load the slideshow as background in any html element

VERSION 1.4.7 - 03/12/14
- added option to show captions without animation

VERSION 1.4.6 - 07/11/14
- added option to put the article link on the image

VERSION 1.4.5 - 11/09/14
- fix an issue with the thumbnails dimensions

VERSION 1.4.4 - 08/07/14
- added option to load images automatically from the articles, but based on the first image of the content
- fix an issue with autoload from folder

VERSION 1.4.3 - 02/06/14
- fix an issue with the relative path of the thumbs in the slides manager

VERSION 1.4.2 - 06/05/14
- fix an issue on thumbnails creation if not autocreated
- fix an issue with article selection (J! 3.3)

VERSION 1.4.1 - 08/04/14
- fix an issue with thumbnails creation with autoload from a folder

VERSION 1.4.0 - 28/03/14
- added option for opacity on caption background
- added title field in the slides manager
- added option to not create automatically the thumbnails
- added support for thumbnails in portrait/landscape
- changed the slides manager options
- added option to load the slides from images of articles

VERSION 1.3.12 - 02/03/14
- route the url for SEF compatibility

VERSION 1.3.11 - 14/01/14
- added option to group the links into an album (compatible only with Mediabox CK)
- improved the article selection in the slides
- added button to edit the article directly from the module (J!3 only)

VERSION 1.3.10 - 06/10/13
- added compatibility hikashop with the plugin slideshow hikashop

VERSION 1.3.9 - 23/09/13 (à publier)
- added compatiblity RTL with a specific css stylesheet "camera_rtl.css" to create into the theme folder

VERSION 1.3.8 - 19/07/13
- fix an issue on the google font call
- added option to limit the number of slides if you are using the shuffle mode
- added option to choose by default how to open the links (parent window, lightbox, etc)

VERSION 1.3.7 - 08/07/13
- added option to load different images depending on the resolution

VERSION 1.3.6 - 23/06/13
- added option to load the image automatically from a folder with the plugin params

VERSION 1.3.5 - 12/05/13
- improved the css styles on .camera_wrap .camera_pag .camera_pag_ul li
- improved the css styles to fix an issue on the container width

VERSION 1.3.4 - 29/04/13 :
- fix an issue on image path

VERSION 1.3.3 - 21/04/13 :
- load the image from the folder with relative path

VERSION 1.3.2 - 17/04/13 :
- improved the loading time of the first image and the slideshow height at start
- fix an issue with the lightbox option

VERSION 1.3.1 - 19/03/13 :
- fix a javascript issue

VERSION 1.3.0 - 18/03/13 :
- added option to open the links in a Lightbox (needs the plugin Slideshow Params)

VERSION 1.2.2:
- migrate the script for jQuery 1.9
- fix a bug on thumbnail creation
- added navigation for thumbnails
- improved the thumbnails load
- fix a problem with links on IE

VERSION 1.2.1:
- fix an issue on the thumbnails load (J!3.0 only)

VERSION 1.2.0:
- added option to load the slides directly from a folder with the plugin Slideshow Params
- move the thumbnails into a subdirectory "th"

VERSION 1.1.9:
- added option to not show the article title in the caption
- fix an issue with the loader icon

VERSION 1.1.8:
- fix an issue on the google fonts

VERSION 1.1.7 :
- fix the translation bug on "lire la suite" (readmore)
- fix a bug in the slides admin for J!3.0

VERSION 1.1.6 :
- fix a bug on the full page background option
- fix a bug on the movefromright caption option

VERSION 1.1.5 :
- added an option to load the slideshow as full page background

VERSION 1.1.4 :
- fix a bug on the loader icon
- fix a bug when loading an article in the slideshow

VERSION 1.1.3 :
- added an option to set a specific time for each slide
- added option to load an article in each slide caption, with characters limitation, readmore link...
- many style fields added to set the caption styles
- fix a bug if mlultiple video in multiple slideshows loaded in the page
- improved the IE7/8 compatibility in the themes

VERSION 1.1.2 :
- deleted the pause on click on the image
- added option to separate title and description in the caption like this : Title||description

VERSION 1.1.1 :
- added option to not pause on mouseover
- set min-height to 0

VERSION 1.1.0 :
- added option for the caption animation
- added option to load a theme

VERSION 1.0.9 :
- fixed compatibility issue with adv module manager
- updated the script

VERSION 1.0.8 :
- added option for thumbnail height
- fix a bug for image blank.gif (inIE)
- updated script to v1.2.0
- added availability to add params in video url (?rel=0 for example)

VERSION 1.0.7 :
- fix a zindex issue on youtube video
- added option for random image order
- fix an issue for link on IE

VERSION 1.0.6 :
- script updated to fix a bug on the pause button

VERSION 1.0.5 :
- fix a bug with thumbnail in admin options
- added option to show/hide navigation

VERSION 1.0.4 :
- script updated for IE
- added compatibility with Youtube short link
- added compatibility with external image url
- added option for thumbnail width

VERSION 1.0.3 :
- added RTL compatibility
- fixed a bug with caption if empty

VERSION 1.0.2 :
- options to load or not the scripts Jquery

VERSION 1.0.1 :
- fixed a bug for thumbnails with sef

VERSION 1.0.0 :
- first version

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