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Maximenu CK is a Joomla megamenu dropdown with mootools.

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Slideshow CK, nice effect with this slideshow responsive design.

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Accordeon menu CK is a joomla accordion menu with mootools effects.

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Template Creator CK is a tool to create your own Joomla! templates.

Maximenu CK - Responsive dropdown megamenu

Maximenu CK Joomla megamenu

Maximenu CK is a module which can create a multicolumns megamenu for Joomla! with some nice effects. You can organise your menu as you want with the multiple options and optional graphic themes.



Fonctionnalities of the module Maximenu CK

  • Multicolumns and multirows
  • Responsive design themes
  • Logo can be added in the menu
  • Fancy effect on first level items (floating cursor)
  • Mootools (J!2.5) or jQuery (J!3.x) dropdown effects
  • Multiple usage on the same page
  • Description under each link
  • Graphic themes (packages to install)
  • Modules load in the menu
  • HTML architecture for rounded styles (menu, sub-menus and fancy)
  • Horizontal or vertical orientation
  • Opacity effect on rollover
  • MVC structure
  • SEO optimization (HTML coded links)
  • Overflow detection for left direction rollover
  • Image without text
  • Rollover on mouseover, on mouseclick, opening on mouseover and closing onclick
  • iPhone, iPad, and Android compatibility
  • Compatibility with Virtuemart, can automatically list the product categories (needs the patch)
  • Compatibility with Hikashop, can automatically list the product categories (needs the patch)

Module parameters

options base maximenu enoptions avance maximenu enoptions styles maximenu enoptions effets maximenu enoptions extensions tierces maximenu en





Demo of Maximenu CK

Demo vertical mode with the theme css3megamenu included

Demo horizontal mode with open effect with the theme default included

Demo with slide effect with the theme css3megamenu included

Demo with a logo loaded in the menu with the options

Demo with the Pushdown layout and all the styles managed by the plugin params style options

Demo with tabs into the submenu and all the styles managed by the plugin params style options

The complete tutorial to explain you how to create this demo from A to Z is included with the package of the plugin Maximenu Params

Example of Maximenu 6 for Joomla 2.5 with the theme css3megamenu (included with the module) and the plugin Maximenu params


Another demo is the topmenu of this page on Joomlack.fr.

The module Maximenu CK is a an advanced dropdown menu. You can put description for each menu link, load some modules inside it, and rollover the items with mootools effects.

The menu module Maximenu CK allows you to create the same menu as on http://www.joomla.org/ .

Please vote on the JED for my menu !

Needs PHP5 to work

Examples of websites using Maximenu CK :
http://www.kore-usa.com realised by http://www.intangible-logic.com
http://www.lezyne.com realised by http://www.intangible-logic.com
http://www.gilai.ch realised by http://www.inetis.ch
https://www.navixia.com realised by http://www.inetis.ch
https://www.debiopharm.com realised by http://www.inetis.ch

Installation of the menu

Just install and publish the menu like any other Joomla! module in the administration of your website. Give the parameter for the menu to display in the module administration. In my example I used a menu called 'maximenuCK'.


The name here is the name of the menu in Joomla! administration.

Adding a description to the link of the menu

To add a description, you must put two vertical separators "||". You can add some description on any link item of the menu. Example :

Title of the link||Description of the link


Screenshot of the structure :


Adding a module in the menu

To load a module, juste call it with its name. You must create a link type 'separator' and write in the title the call to the module.Example :



Screenshot of the structure :


Where to find the name of a module Joomla! ?

Have a look at the list in the modules in your Joomla! website. You can see the names with prefix 'mod_' like 'mod_[NAME_OF_MODULE]', for example : 'mod_latestenews'.


We can load a module by its ID from version 1.2 of module MaximenuCK. Just create a separator link and type :


Screenshot of structure of the menu :


To find ID of the module to load, go to modules manager in your Joomla! website. The last column gives you the information :


TIPS: you can load the module in a fictive position (that doesn't exist in the template) just by typing the name (ici 'maximenuCK') in the field 'position' .

Manage columns - Maximenu version 4 or 5

To organize the links with columns, you must give the number of columns you want, and then mark the separation where to make the column.

Giving the number of columns

In the title of the link, just give the following characters [cols2] for 2 columns, [cols3] for 3 columns, etc...


Mark the separation of the columns

Where to create the column, give the following characters [col] .


Manage columns - Maximenu version 6

To create the columns in in Maximenu version 6, you have to add the parameter in the title of the first item in the column you want to create.


180 is the width in px of the column to create.

capture_menu_colonnes_maximenu6The submenu container adapts its width according to the columns that are inside (this parameter can be driven using the plugin maximenu params).

Manage image

To show only image (not the title), add [img] in the title. The image given in administration of the menu link will be used.


Attribute "rel"

We can add an attribut rel="..." on the menu links (to open the link in a lightbox for example, with Mediabox_CK we need to add rel="lightbox" ). To do it we must add [rel=ATTRIBUTE], example : [rel=lightbox]



How to use the Pushdown layout

This is very easy, just go in the module options and select the layout "pushdown" as alternative layout. Then the menu will make the job and change the whole structure and effect to render correctly.

options maximenu pushdown en


Download Maximenu CK module v6 for Joomla 2.5

Download Maximenu CK module v7 for Joomla 3.x

Download Maximenu CK module for Joomla 1.5

Download the plugin Maximenu CK Params (to add professionnal features)

Download the documentation for Maximenu CK

Download the plugin Maximenu CK Mobile

Download graphic themes

Download the patch Maximenu Virtuemart

Download the patch Maximenu Hikashop

Download the patch Maximenu K2

If you like my module Maximenu CK, please vote on the JED. Thanks

Releases notes :

VERSION 6.2.11 (J!2.5) + 7.1.12 (J!3.0) :
- update the wizard assistant to add the topfixed option for the mobile plugin options

VERSION 6.2.10 (J!2.5) + 7.1.11 (J!3.0) :
- fix an issue with fancy (J!3)
- add a wizard setup in the module options

VERSION 6.2.9 (J!2.5) + 7.1.10 (J!3.0) :
- fix an issue with the templates beez_20 + beez5 because of the latest update
- fix an issue with the fancy
- added base item option

VERSION 6.2.8 (J!2.5) + 7.1.9 (J!3.0) :
- fix an issue with the fancy with multiple menus on the page (J!3)
- fix an issue with the onclick behavior with menu item type heading (J!3)
- fix an issue with closing the submenu onclick with the "fade" effect (J!3)
- delete the css class "menu" on the UL tag (WARNING this modification can cause loosing some styles from your template, if you need you can add it again in the module css class suffix in the module options)

VERSION 6.2.7 (J!2.5) + 7.1.8 (J!3.0) :
- change the way the options of the plugin params are loaded (J!2.5)
- added compatibility for Joomshopping

VERSION 6.2.6 (J!2.5) + 7.1.7 (J!3.0) :
- improve the "parent" css class depending on the end level
- fix an issue with submenu margin in RTL

VERSION 6.2.5 (J!2.5) + 7.1.6 (J!3.0) :
- fix an issue on submenu margins
- fix an issue on overflow detection on mobile (J!2.5)
- fx an issue in the layout
- change the cache behavior

VERSION 6.2.4 (J!2.5) + 7.1.5 (J!3.0) :
- added compatibility Joomla! 3.2
- fix an issue on the pushdown effect
- fix an issue with left:0 on the fullwidth class

VERSION 6.2.3 (J!2.5) + 7.1.4 (J!3.0) :
- added possibility to set the columns width in % (in the maximenu plugin params)
- added support for the "fullwidth" class to have a submenu the same widht as the menu
- added option for background opacity (in the maximenu plugin params)

VERSION 6.2.2 (J!2.5) + 7.1.3 (J!3.0) :
- added option in the plugin params to set the image position for each menu item
- added options for padding into the submenu with the plugin params

VERSION 7.1.2 (J!3.0) :
- added option to load the menu with the event onload instead of domready

VERSION 6.2.1 (J!2.5) + 7.1.1 (J!3.0) :
- fix an issue with rounded corners on parent element
- fix an issue for positioning the submenu with overflow detection (7.1.1 J!3)

VERSION 6.2.0 (J!2.5) + 7.1.0 (J!3.0) :
- added pushdown layout
- added style options for the different borders top, right, bottom and left (needs at least the verison 2.2.0 (J!2.5) or 3.1.0(J!3) of the plugin maximenu params)
- improve the flatlist view to be compatible with the plugin maximenu mobile

VERSION 6.1.27 (J!2.5) + 7.0.23 (J!3.0) :
- fix an issue on the theme css3megamenu with RTL if no javascript (J!3)
- improve the css for RTL
- improve the cache management

VERSION 7.0.22 (J!3.0) :
- fix an issue on overflow detection

VERSION 6.1.26 (J!2.5) + 7.0.21 (J!3.0) :
- added options and compatibility with the version 1.1.0 of the plugin maximenu mobile

VERSION 7.0.20 (J!3.0) :
- added animation to close the submenu with the effect "open"

VERSION 6.1.25 (J!2.5) + 7.0.19 (J!3.0) :
- added K2 compatibility with the K2 patch

VERSION 6.1.24 (J!2.5) + 7.0.18 (J!3.0) :
- added #anchor option for each link (with the plugin maximenu params)

VERSION 6.1.23 (J!2.5) :
- fix a javascript issue

VERSION 6.1.22 (J!2.5) + 7.0.17 (J!3.0) :
- support or RTL in the javascript (J!2.5)
- fix an issue on the mouseout (J!3)
- fiw a margin issue on the logo (J!2.5 + J!3)
- deleted deprecated styles options (J!2.5 + J!3)
- added indentation in the dropselect view (J!2.5 + J!3)
- show the active in the dropselect view (J!2.5 + J!3)

VERSION 6.1.21 (J!2.5) + 7.0.16 (J!3.0) :
- remove some useless clear:both in the layouts
- improve the themes css with opacity issue
- fix a fade issue (J!3.0)
- improve the submenu effect (J!3.0)

VERSION 6.1.20 (J!2.5) + 7.0.15 (J!3.0) :
- updated flatlist and nativejoomla views for images positions
- updated css3megamenu theme
- updated to not load the JS code with the views flatlist, nativejoomla, and dropselect

VERSION 6.1.18 (J!2.5) + 7.0.14 (J!3.0) :
- fix an issue on the themes blank and css3megamenu
- option to activate/deactivate the responsive

VERSION 6.1.17 (J!2.5) + 7.0.12 (J!3.0) : (à publier)
- improve the RTL compatibility for the themes css3megamenu and blank
- fix an issue on the sfhover class on mouseclick

VERSION 6.1.16 (J!2.5) + 7.0.11 (J!3.0) :
- fix a bug on the logo when used in vertical mode

VERSION 6.1.15 (J!2.5) + 7.0.10 (J!3.0) :
- css classe modification for module loading (J!2.5 + J!3.0)
- added css class "maximenuck" on the flatlist layout to get the css styles from params (J!2.5 + J!3.0)

VERSION 6.1.14 (J!2.5) + 7.0.9 (J!3.0) :
- fix a css bug in the default.php layout (J!2.5 + J!3.0)
- added option to not load the javascript (J!3.0 seulement)
- fix an issue on z-index (J!2.5 seulement)
- improve the css styles on separator item (J!2.5 + J!3.0)

VERSION 6.1.13 (J!2.5) + 7.0.8 (J!3.0) :
- fix an issue on IE9 gradient

VERSION 6.1.12 (J!2.5) + 7.0.7 (J!3.0) :
- added option for a fixed bottom menu (like a sticky footer)

VERSION 6.1.11 (J!2.5) + 7.0.6 (J!3.0) :
- improve the themes for a better compatibility (J!2.5 + J!3.0)
- added options to style the arrow on the parent items with the plugin params (J!2.5 + J!3.0)

VERSION 6.1.10 (J!2.5) + 7.0.5 (J!3.0) :
- improve the styles from the plugin params, set the value to zero to remove the border or shadow (J!2.5 + J!3.0)
- add the class "nav" on the "ul" tag like the native joomla menu module (J!3.0 seulement)

VERSION 6.1.9 (J!2.5) + 7.0.4 (J!3.0) :
- fix an issue with onclick (J!2.5)
- fix an issue with lsink without navigation (J!2.5 + J!3.x)
- improve the styles for the separator items (J!2.5 + J!3.x)
- fix an issue on column width (J!2.5 + J!3.x)

VERSION 6.1.8 (J!2.5) + 7.0.3 (J!3.0) - 16/12/12:
- fix an issue on the top fixed menu option
- add styles (with the plugin) for the heading and separator item type
- added support for item type 'menu heading' (J!3.x only)

VERSION 6.1.7 (J!2.5) + 7.0.2 (J!3.0) - 26/11/12:
- added option to have a top fixed menu
- fix a js bug (J!3.0)

VERSION 6.1.6(J!2.5) + 7.0.1(J!3.0) - 23/11/12:
- add text shadow as style option
- improve the themes compatibility with the plugin params

VERSION 6.1.4 (J!2.5) - 02/11/12:
- added layout dropselect to show links in a dropdown list
- added option to stop the submenu dropdown
- fix a problem in the default layout

VERSION 6.1.3 (J!2.5) - 28/10/12:
- you can give relative units in the styles options (%, em)
- replaced the files path to relative
- added option for a default image alignement
- added options for the plugin Maximenu Mobile (see the plugin)

VERSION 6.1.2 (J!2.5) - 16/10/12 :
- fix an issue on the separator items styles
- fix an issue on the onclick behavior to open submenus with separator type

VERSION 6.1.1 (J!2.5) - 14/10/12 :
- reversed to the previous behavior on mobile : first click opens the menu, second click closes the menu
- added options to load a logo in the menu

VERSION 6.1.0 (J!2.5) - 08/10/12 :
- added responsive design in the preinstalled themes
- added new styles options with the plugin maximenu params
- themes improvement
- added a specific IE7 css stylesheet
- added a "blank" theme to improve the compatibility with templates

VERSION 6.0.14 (J!2.5)  - 22/07/2012
- changed mobile behavior (2nd click on a parent redirects the page, click outside the menu close it)

VERSION 6.0.13 (J!2.5)  - 03/07/2012
- added compatibility RTL (see the documentation)
- added update server for automatic update notificaiton

VERSION 6.0.12 (J!2.5)  - 21/06/2012
- added compatibility layer for T3 in position left
- added compatibility layer for Gantry in position navigation
- fix encoding issue with external url
- add css in the themes for better compatibility
- added spanish language

VERSION 6.0.11 (J!2.5) - 06/05/2012 :
- added layer for beez_20 & beez5 - position-12
- added option loading type (to fix chrome and safari issue)
- added params [newrow] and [subwidth]

VERSION 6.0.10 (J!2.5) :
- fix HTML issue with multicolumns
- added option for templates compatibility

VERSION 6.0.9 (J!2.5) :
- added option for image on active element with suffix

VERSION 6.0.8 (J!2.5) :
- fixed a bug with hikashop if the patch is not installed

VERSION 6.0.7 (J!2.5) :
- fixed a bug when virtuemart has been uninstalled

VERSION 6.0.6 (J!2.5) :
- added option to show the active submenus when the page loads

VERSION 6.0.5 (J!2.5) :
- added option for submenus dependant

VERSION 6.0.4 (J!2.5) :
- added hikashop compatibility (with a specific patch)

VERSION 6.0.3 (J!2.5) :
- updated the css for the theme css3megamenu
- added option for delay when submenus open

VERSION 6.0.2 (J!2.5) :
- updated the css for the theme default vertical

VERSION 6.0.1 (J!2.5) :
- improved z-index behavior with onclick option

VERSION 6.0.0 (J!2.5) :
- Compatibility Joomla 2.5
- ACL management
- Cache management
- Creation of columns AND rows in submenus
- Code improvement
- New theme css3megamenu to create the same menu as on Joomla.org
- New ergonomy in the module administration
- New parameter [col=180] to create columns without separator

VERSION 5.25 (J!1.7) + 4.33 (J!1.5):
- the mouseover submenu shows always over the opened submenus

VERSION 5.24 (J!1.7) + 4.32 (J!1.5):
- added option to have a mouseover image to use it as a menu image only with reacting images

VERSION 5.23 (J!1.7) + 4.31 (J!1.5):
- improved js for on click behavior

VERSION 5.22 (J!1.7) + 4.30 (J!1.5):
- added options to open in the inverse direction

VERSION 5.21 (J!1.7) + 4.29 (J!1.5):
- fix an issue when using the onclick option

VERSION 5.20 (J!1.7) + 4.28 (J!1.5):
- now fancy disappear on mouseout if no active item in the menu

VERSION 5.19 (J!1.7) + 4.27 (J!1.5):
- css modification to improve compatibility
- avoid blank css loading in the page

VERSION 5.18 (J!1.6 + 1.7) + 4.26 (J!1.5):
- security fix (thanks to volkan)
- added fancy activation even if there is no active item

VERSION 5.17 (J!1.6) + 4.25 (J!1.5):
- fixed issue for iPad detection

VERSION 5.16 (J!1.6) + 4.24 (J!1.5):
- added new option for slide open effect

VERSION 5.15 (J!1.6) + 4.23 (J!1.5):
- added params for the plugin maximenu params to drive colors for each menu item

VERSION 5.14 (J!1.6) + 4.22 (J!1.5):
- themes modified to be easier to mdofiy colors
- Added color pickers params to set colors (background, item titles and descriptions)
- Added z-index param

VERSION 5.13 (J!1.6) + 4.21 (J!1.5):
- updated mootools script for onclick dropdown

VERSION 5.11 (J!1.6) + 4.19 (J!1.5):
- mootools bug fix
- virtuemart patch can be used with multiple maximenu in the same page

VERSION 5.11 (J!1.6) + 4.19 (J!1.5):
- variable nuassignement fix
- opacity effect bug fix in 1.6

VERSION 5.10 (J!1.6) + 4.18 (J!1.5):
- bugs fix : bad variable assignement in certain cases, deleted all $ in mootools scripts (for better jquery no conflict support), double menu now works in joomla 1.6

VERSION 5.9 (J!1.6) + 4.17 (J!1.5):
- bugs fix : IE7 link images, safari multicolumns display, error codes when showing a page that is not in the menu (search page)

VERSION 5.8 (J!1.6) + 4.16 (J!1.5):
- Virtuemart compatibility, works with the specific patch

VERSION 5.7 (J!1.6) + 4.15 (J!1.5):
- Compatibilty iPhone, iPad, Android
- CSS layer for menu to work if js error
- added option to open submenus on click

VERSION 5.6 (J!1.6) + 4.14 (J!1.5):
- html modification for better compatibility with maximenu_CK Params
- bug fixed for 'modid' call in Joomla!1.6

VERSION 5.5 (J!1.6) + 4.13 (J!1.5):
- added class first on first element in top level

VERSION 5.4 (J!1.6) + 4.12 (J!1.5):
- added option to route the homepage (usefull with joomfish & sh4040sef together)

VERSION 5.3 (J!1.6) + 4.11 (J!1.5):
- added option to close submenus on click

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