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Plugin Slideshow Icagenda

 can the Slideshow CK module be compatible with the Icagenda component?

It will be nice to be able to display Icagenda events automatically.
If so, I buy the plugin immediately

I take this opportunity to congratulate you for your very nice work



Romain Gachet


wonderful idea about SlideshowCK for joomla.


i have amazing idea for new feature in great joomla module SlideShowCK. how about fix css errors?


its easy.


.camera_wrap .camera_pag .camera_pag_ul li.cameracurrent > span {

  -moz-box-shadow: none;

  -webkit-box-shadow: none;

box-shadow: none;




.camera_thumbs_cont ul li > img {

        border: 1px solid #000;


Page builder CK front of the joomla.


It would be useful to be able to work with a ck pagebuilder from the front of the joomla website as it appears in the web browser. with a view of the phone's tablet, etc.



link to an article / category


In page builder ck, we can link to a menu link, but not directly to an item or a category

It should be nice to be able to do this.

Paying for Updates??


I hve been using your JoomlaCK extension for two years now. 

Not long ago I purchased the Maximenu CK Params 4.2.3 and installed it.

Thing is I don't believe I've bad it more than 6 months and yet when the new version comes out 4.2.4, I have to pay for it despite no expration yet on my 6 months with the 4.2.3????



Cookies CK

All OK . Very nice addition. It's only that you did not add the button I do not agree to cookies. "decline button"
Add this and the plugin will be perfect. Regards :)


menu manager ck

in Menu Manager CK, to manage multilingual site menu it may be interesting to be able to :

1) to duplicate a full menu creating a new one

2) to set a language easily in Menu Manager ck  for a full branch

3 ) to link menu entries between menus in different languages

Thank you for your work



Scroll To CK does not work when Using another link

Hello, I try to use Scroll To CK with a link that I've put into custom module like it is indicated in your How to use with Using another link.

Here is my link : <p><a href="#container-header-booking-form" class="scrollTo">Click me to scroll</a></p>

This link gives only simple link without scroll button appearance. 


I don't understand how to point the scroll button to the target link.


Best regards. 




Is it possible to modify the password, after the login in the site ?


Add layers and buttons to slideshow CK as in gantry slideshow

Hello, your extension SLIDESHOW CK is great but a little outdated right now so I had to stop using it

Modern slideshows have the option to insert multiple buttons for a slide as in Gantry 5 slideshow particle based on ULkit slideshow. That way you can combine slideshow and call to action. One single button isn't enough because you need to offer a secondary less important option (ex. BUT NOW - MORE INFO), whith one of the 2 buttons of a transparent background.

Moreover, many slideshow offer layers based features as in F5 slideshow:

It would be even geater to offer am option for more experienced users to insert their own HTML to slide in the overlay alltough I understand it could break layout if used improperly. 

I would be willing to pay extra for such features. 





Outil de création rapide, puissant et responsive.

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