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Hallo Cedric Konnten Sie während der Corona-Zeit am Kwickmenu arbeiten?


Codesamples / Syntax coloring

Hi Cedrick,

I used to work with page builder CK (I love it) and my Website contains a lot of Code-Samples. My favorite Codesample Viewer in Article-Text is Prism  :

The Problem is that everythings working fine until I switch my Article to Page builder CK. My Code Code-Samples (in Text-Elements) are viewed in a single line.

I don't know if it is a problem of page builder or prism. Could you have a look ? Maybe somebody here have got the same problems... are there any solutions ?

Do you have any plans for an Codesample Element with syntax coloring as nativ Page builder CK addon ?





center logo


Is it possible to center logo between 4 menus.  2 menus left , 2 menus right and in the middle the logo


Cookies CK - text editor


Adding a text editor that will allow you to enter information about cookies in the backroom of Joomla,

Added ability to translate all buttons in the Plugin configuration.



Page Builder CK -> Progress Bar


Page builder CK ->Elements->: 1.Animatet number. add 2."Progress Bar" ( show level of your tasks in progress bars)


Cookies CK- Decline


For the "Decline" button, adding configuration options, actions after clicking by the user, e.g. When, someone does not agree to the privacy policy then
automatic logout of people from the site

I noticed this possibility on one of the pages that I visited accidentally and I liked this function very much.
automatically kicked me out of the page I was on :) .regards



Close button

Page builder CK -> Elements -> Message box ="Close button". 
It would be a good idea to close the message window, as it is in the Joomla information messages in the back .
It would be very useful to show the message and the user closes the window after reading. Regards


Mediabox_CK_Image sort


Mediabox CK = Image sort order: Ascending/Descending :) . Regards


MediaboxCK positioning of previous, next, close buttons

I tried this before, so I try it again after mediaboxck_light_2.3.2 was published. The width of the base line is not calculated correctly, so that the "close" button is not aligned right. Second issue is that the "previous" button switches position when you reach the last page becase then the next button is not displayed. To be able to switch back and forth without having to reposition the mouse, it would be better if the next button is only not visible, but still occupies its space. I have merged these changes into the 2.3.2 mediackboxck.js source file:




Decriptions multi-lignes dans Maximenu

Bonjour CEd

Je reviens vers toi aujourd'hui suite àla mise en place d'un maximenuCK sur un site.

Je désire utiliser les descriptions en-dessous des titres principaux et je n'ai pas réussi à faire des descriptions "multi-lignes" en insérant un "
" pour forcer et passer à a ligne suivante...

Peut-être un manque de compétences de ma part, peut-être une fonctionnalité qui n'existe pas et qui pourrait être intéressante d'ajouter...

Peux-tu me dire si c'est possible aujourd'hui de le faire et comment, sinon si tu penses qu'il sera possible d'intégrer cette fonctionnalité par la suite et quand ?

Merci d'avance.




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