• Add a parameter suffix to your link url

    Menu link options url suffix lightbox

    Have you ever tried to customize your menu item link url ? Maximenu CK offers you the ability to it !

    You can add a suffix to your url so that you can really control how your url looks like and what parameters you put in it. This will integrate with the native Joomla menu items, it means that you can point to an article and also add some additional parameters to your url.

  • How to create an application like mobile menu

    Using Mobile Menu CK you can create a mobile menu that looks like an application using icons. What you need to do is to click on the icon theme and add the icons for your menu items. Let see more in details...


  • Load modules in your mobile menu

    mobile menu joomla

    Since verison 1.1.0, Mobile Menu CK can load any module in 3 important area :

    1. the top bar
    2. on top of the menu (before the menu)
    3. at the bottom of the menu (after the menu)

    Image that you can load a logo with social icons in the menu bar, a search module before the menu, and anything else after the menu if you want.


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