First of all I have to tell that you are upgrading a major version  ! From Version 2 to Version 3 of Accordeon Menu CK.

Please note that many efforts have been put in this new version to keep a maximum of compatibility with the Version 2 and give you the most efficient way to update. We will see what are the changes, and the steps to follow.


Extension name changed

In V2 the extension was called "accordeonck", now in the V3 it is called "accordeonmenuck".

Why ?

Because this is the name that shall be used. It was time now to fix that.

What are the consequences ?

When updating, it will not replace your existing V2 "accordeonck", it will be installed as a new extension. The good news is that you can install it without worry as it will not break anything in your current menu. The other news is that you will need to create your module again with the new name. Note that the styling from the styles customizer of the V2 are automatically imported in the V3 during the installation process. This will make the update easier for you.

Options that have changed

The interface of the V3 of Accordeon Menu CK seems lighter than the V2, but in fact it has more options ! The options have been reorganized for a better use.


Version 2

Version 3

Options tabs >> Multiple source tabs for the menu source, third party extensions like Virtuemart, Hikashop ...


Options tabs >> All options merged in a single tab called "Source"

All options from the source appears under the list so that you will only see the option from what you need.

Styles options tab + Styles customization options tab + Styles options in the module

Styles tab (only one tab), one place to edit all the styles


Theme styling

The version 3 of Accordeon Menu CK has been improved with a new styling interface that is now better integrated in the module options. You can use the same style for multiple modules just by selecting it in the list.

The themes features (looking in the module themes folder) is still in use with the V3 and fully compatible with the V2 themes that you may have created for your menus.

All the existing CSS classes used in the V2 are the same in the V3, no changes have been made to keep the best compatibility.


Version 2

Version 3

The sources options (Hikashop, Virtuemart ...) were loaded from the Params plugin and also few specific system plugins. The code was hard to maintain and many features were into the module code


New accordeonmenuck plugins has been developed to open the doors to any developer to create a new source plugin to make Accordeon Menu CK compatible with any third party extension, or external source.

A better logic and easier to maintain.

Plugins list :

All are system plugins and patches (installation of file only) :

  • maximenuckparams (has features for Google Photos, Flickr, Articles, Folder)
  • for hikashop
  • for virtuemart

Plugins list :

1 system plugin :

  • maximenuck

Other maximenuck type plugin :

  • adsmanager
  • hikashop
  • K2
  • virtuemart
  • joomshopping
  • articles by date
  • articles from a category


Params vs Pro


Version 2

Version 3

Since years the additional paid options have been added in the Params plugin and other plugins.


The new process is now to have the

  • Light version with many free features as in the V2 free version
  • Pro version with ALL features in a single package


Membership and price changes


Version 2

Version 3

Module : Free

Plugin Params : 14 € / 6 months updates

Plugin Hikashop : 9 € / 6 months updates

Plugin Virtuemart : 9 € / 6 months updates

Documentation : 6 € / 6 months updates



Total of 38 € for all products / 6 months updates

Light version : Free


Pro version (all features, including 5 more source options) : 24 € / 1 year updates

Free documentation online


This is about 40% discount on the final price


Q : What about the V2 and the product already paid ?

A : All your products will continue to work in the current version (until an update of the system like PHP versio, or Joomla version) would break it. You can continue to use it and decide to update when you want.


How to keep your styles

A major question during the migration process, is "How can I get my menu styling back ?". The styling interface has changed between the V2 and the V3, but there are 2 solutions to save your styles and use them in the V3.

  1. Solution 1 : Automatic import during install. During the installation process of the V3 it will automatically get the styles from the V2 that have been set in the styles customizer (it will not import the styles options of the module because they are very old options no more used).
    Create a new module or open an existing one callled Accordeon Menu CK. Go in the Styles tab >> Select a style, here you shall see all the styles previously created. Select this style, save your module and the styles shall apply to your module using the V3.
  2. Solution 2 : Export / Import. Go in your module in V2, then go in the Styles tab >> Syles customization button to open the styling interface. Click on the Export button to save your styles in local file on your computer.
    Go in the V3 module, in the Styles tab >> Select a style, click on the New button to create a new style and then click on the Import button to upload your file. The styles will be injected into the interface. Give a name to your styles, save it, select it in the module, save the module and styles shall apply to your module using the V3.


How to detect the V2 and V3 modules

In your modules manager you can filter by name :

  • Accordeon Menu CK >> V3
  • Menu Accordeon CK >> V2

In the module edition :

  • mod_accordeonmenuck >> V3
    version 3 name
  • mod_accordeonck >> V2
    version 2 name


Steps to update

You can follow the steps described on the forum to update Accordeon Menu CK :

If you have any issue, please post on the forum

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