logo maximenuck 64Maximenu CK

Maximenu CK is a Joomla megamenu dropdown with nice effects.

logo slideshowck 64Slideshow CK

Slideshow CK, nice effect with this slideshow responsive design.

logo accordeonmenuck joomlaAccordeon Menu CK

Accordeon menu CK is a joomla accordion menu with mootools effects.

logo template creator joomlaTemplate Creator CK

Template Creator CK is a tool to create your own Joomla! templates.

NEW Custom Fields CK


logo customfieldsck 64Style your custom fields in quick and easy way directly whithin a nice interface without coding

Go to the page of Custom Fields CK


Joomla! Extensions


logo maximenuck 110 Maximenu CK

Create your own Joomla megamenu. Multicolumns, module loading, menu image, multiples themes styles.

logo accordeonmenuck 110 Accordeonmenu CK

Add an accordion menu to your Joomla website. Mootools effects, multiple options, and moodules loading.

logo moocoverflowck 110 mooCoverflow CK

A coverflow menu style Mac for Joomla. Custom images and links with mootools effects.

logo kwickmenuck 110 Kwickmenu CK

Create a sliding menu images and add a nice effect to your Joomla website.


Content and multimedia

logo slideshowck 110 Slideshow CK

Add a slideshow with nice effects compatible with mobiles and responsive design.

logo playlistck 110 Playlist CK

Add a responsive slideshow with thumbnails on the side.

logo carouselck110 Carousel CK

Add a responsive carousel for your images.

logo mediaboxck joomla Mediabox CK

Add some lightbox popups to show all your multimedia and social contents  (twitter, facebook, youtube...)

logo tooltipgc joomla Tooltip GC

Add some tooltips on words or images in your Joomla articles.CSS3 design and nice animations.

logo imageeffectck 110 Image Effect CK

Add some nice effects to your images in Joomla on mouseover (moving, fade, shake, ...).

logo joomla parallax image responsive Parallax CK

Add a design touch to your Joomla website with this parallax effect. A 3D effect with your own images.

logo beautifulck design joomla Beautiful CK

Add some design to any module into your Joomla website. Shadow, gradient, border radius, text and banner customization.

logo sliderck design joomla Slider CK

Show your images and content in a beautiful carousel which is responsive design and compatible with touch devices (mobiles).

logo custom fields Custom Fields CK

Style your custom fields in a nice and quick interface without coding knowledge.

logo pagebuilderck 110 Page Builder CK

Create your pages very simply with a drag and drop interface. Text, icon, accordions, tabs, images, and more elements to use.



logo plugin vmaddtocarteffectck joomla virtuemart ecommerce VM addToCart CK

Add a nice effect to your cart in your Virtuemart ecommerce. The product slides into the cart.

logo modulesmanagerck 110 Modules Manager CK

Manage your modules with drag and drop into your template easily and instantly.

logo menumanagerck 110 Menu Manager CK

Create and manage your menu items with drag an drop. Move, rename, publish, remove your items instantly.

logo plugin scrolltock joomla Scroll To CK

Add a nice effect to scroll the page to enhance the visitor experience with a smooth animation when using the navigation.

logo plugin scrolltock joomla Cookies CK

Add a little banner to inform your visitor about the use of cookies on your website.

logo floatingmoduleck 110 Floating Module CK

Make any module float in your page, it is easy and fast.

logo extensionsmanagerck 110 Extensions Manager CK

Manager your JoomlaCK extensions into one interface to install and update them easily.

logo multilanguagesck 110 Multi Languages CK

A simple tool to add some multilanguage words anywhere you can not use the native joomla! multilanguage.



template creator ck Template Creator CK

Create your own Joomla templates in a quick and easy way. You can create your own responsive design templates for Joomla!


Specific to Maximenu CK

logo maximenuckparams joomla Maximenu params

Set your menu params easily for each link directly in your administration

logo maximenuck documentation joomla Maximenu documentation

Play with the menu to create the structure and add some CSS to customise it

logo maximenuck-virtuemart 110 Maximenu Virtuemart

Use Maximenu to display your Virtuemart categories in a dropdown Joomla megamenu

logo maximenuck-hikashop joomla Maximenu Hikashop

Use Maximenu to list your Hikashop categories as a dropdown megamenu

logo maximenuck-themes 110 Maximenu themes

Add a nice style to your menu just by installing one of the available themes

logo maximenuckmobile 110 Maximenu Mobile

Transform your Maximenu into a mobile application


Specific to Accordeonmenu CK

logo accordeonmenuck documentation 110 Documentation Accordeonmenu

Use the documentation to see how to set up and customize your Joomla! accordion menu.

logo accordeonck-virtuemart 110 Accordeonmenu Virtuemart

Create an accordion menu with your Virtuemart categories for your e-commerce website.

logo accordeonck-hikashop 110 Accordeonmenu Hikashop

Create an accordion menu with your Hikashop categories for your e-commerce website.

logo accordeonmenuckparams 110 Accordeonmenu Params

Customize your accordion menu with the options in your menu link.


Documentations and tutorials for Joomla!


logo ebook 1.5 110 Book creation of Joomla templates 1.5

Learn how to create your own Joomla template from A to Z.

logo tuto template joomla mobiles 110 Tutorial adapt your Joomla template for mobiles

Learn how to adapt your template for mobiles with the mediaqueries.


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