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Mobile Menu CK for Joomla!

Create an amazing off canvas mobile menu that looks like a mobile application and give your users a great mobile experience. It is compatible with many menus and can be styled directly whithin the interface.




Hardware detection

Select whether you want to display your mobile menu based on a screen resolution or based on the type of device used when loading the page.


Use your mobile menu with many menu modules: native menu (mod_menu), Maximenu CK, Accordeon Menu CK, or use a PHP or JS call to create a custom menu that can be used with any menu on your page.

Graphical interface

Use a dedicated interface allowing you to style your menu as you wish. Use color fields, margins, borders, etc. and see the result instantly. You can also use existing themes to create a design quickly.

Embedded Options

Don't waste your time switching between various screens to set up your menu, the mobile menu options are included directly in the administration interface of your menu module.

Predefined Styles

Work faster by implementing one of 10 pre-installed themes that you can apply with a single click. You can then modify them using the interface.

No limit

Create as many styles as you want, create as many menus as you want. You can also apply the same style to multiple menus just by selecting your style in the list. For each menu you can choose to have different options, like you want.

Export / Import

Save your work and reuse it on your other websites. Directly from the styling interface you can click on the export button and you will get a file that contains the data. You can then import it in the interface of another website.


Every language string that is used in the Mobile Menu CK can be translated in any language. You can also create one module per language in your website and activate a mobile menu for each of them to have a full multilanguage website.

Mobile Menu CK is the perfect solution for all your mobile menus.


Use existing menus, or create any custom menu.
It is touch ready and user friendly.
Give it the look you want for your website using its amazing styling interface. Don't waste your time to go in multiple screens, just enable your mobile menu with 1 click.



Easy styling

You don't need to know about CSS coding, Mobile Menu CK offers you a complete and easy to use interface to create the design you need.Style your menu module directly from the module options, no need to switch with another screen, save your style and it applies immediately.

Are you a developper ?

Use the CSS override technique to load your own theme from the template automatically !

Read more about the styling feature

css design


merge feature options



Merging feature

Do you need to show multiple menus into one single mobile menu ? Then Mobile Menu CK can help you thanks to the merging feature included.

Just one click to enable your first menu, and 2 other clicks to enable the second menu and merge it.

Read more about the merging feature



For developpers

Mobile Menu CK is not only a Joomla! extension, it is made for any usage. You can call it using Javascript or PHP directly from your template or any other place in your website. Call your menu from the PHP files of the template and use the override technique to give a theme included in your template, with no need of the user action to make it work and looks like you want.

Read the documentation for PHP

Read the documentation for Javascript

code developpers



Effect demos


Maximenu mobile : Demo 1

Maximenu mobile : Demo 2

Maximenu mobile : Demo 3

Maximenu mobile : Demo 4

Maximenu mobile : Demo 5


How does the plugin works

Depending on the window resolution or device type detection, the menu will take place in the page :

  • The standard menu will be hidden
  • A new mobile menu bar will appear in the page where you can click to open the the mobile menu


Options overview

This is an overview on how the options look like in the menu module administration.

mobile menu options


Additionnal mobile parameters in the menu items edition

Mobile Menu CK will add some options in each menu item to let you set an alternative text and image for the mobile menu. You can have a different text and icon for the mobile menu and the normal menu.

admin menu options mobile en 1

These options can be used with the specific theme "icon" that is included. See how to make your menu like an iPhone application using your own icons :

mobile theme iphone android


Light version

PHP / JS features

Activation in the module options

Default theme

CSS Override

Forum support

Styling / Design interface

Themes included

Custom menu creation

Merging feature

Fast menu activation

Use on multiple domains

1 Year updates


Pro version

PHP / JS features

Activation in the module options

Default theme

CSS Override

Forum support

Styling / Design interface

Themes included

Custom menu creation

Merging feature

Fast menu activation

Use on multiple domains

1 Year updates

19 €


Read the full online documentation


Release notes (click to show) :

VERSION 1.6.3 - 13/05/24
  • Add detection option : resolution and tablet and phone
VERSION 1.6.2 - 16/01/24
  • Add option to give a custom position to place the menu in the page
  • Add button in the popup with the styles list to add/copy/remove
  • Improve the compatibility with the joomla collapsible menu layout to hide the default hamburger icon
  • Fix issue with the custom text for the active link in the top bar
VERSION 1.6.1 - 15/12/23
  • Fix issue with Joomla 3
VERSION 1.6.0 - 28/11/23
  • Add compatibility with Joomla 5 native (without the compatibility plugin)
  • Fix issue with fade effect and more than 2 levels of items
  • Add compatibility with Scroll To CK for the active state on scroll
VERSION 1.5.24 - 16/10/23
  • Fix issue with menu text in the slide effect
  • Fix issue with styling of separator items
  • Fix issue with mod_login ID
VERSION 1.5.23 - 04/09/23
  • Fix issue with module in Accordeon Menu CK not loaded
VERSION 1.5.22 - 03/07/23
  • Manage the mod_login to avoir duplicate IDs in the page
  • Fix issue with anchor href empty and use span instead
VERSION 1.5.21 - 26/06/23
  • Add compatibility with the mod_login and the show/hide password feature
  • [Pro] Improve the interface to avoid to merge the menu with itself
  • Fix issue with the Cassiopeia template in the menu position and the mobile menu width
  • Fix issue with the module params when empty
VERSION 1.5.20 - 08/06/23
  • Add compatibility with RTL
VERSION 1.5.19 - 02/05/23
  • Fix issue with com_ajax
  • [Pro] Add options to style the heading items
VERSION 1.5.18 - 25/04/23
  • Improve the slide effect by scrolling to the top automatically when going in a submenu
  • [Pro] Fix issue with icon margin and compatiblity with icons in Maximenu CK
  • [Light] Fix issue with options displayed but not allowed in the Light version
  • Change font for Verdana on the icons
VERSION 1.5.17 - 01/04/23
  • Fix issue with the overlay when using multiple mobile menus in the page
VERSION 1.5.16 - 16/02/23
  • Fix issue with the click on the overlay
  • [Pro] Fix issue with the custom menu save and delete actions
VERSION 1.5.15 - 11/12/22
  • Add arrow icon on the back button with slide effect
  • Add parent item text on the top of the submenu with the slide effect
  • Fix issue wih the hover text color from the interface
VERSION 1.5.14 - 07/11/22
  • Add option to show an overlay when the mobile menu is opened
  • Fix PHP issues
VERSION 1.5.13 - 29/08/22
  • Fix issues with the system plugin
  • Improve css for the back button
VERSION 1.5.12 - 18/07/22
  • Fix php error
  • Fix issue with ajax request in the joomla 4 search module
VERSION 1.5.11 - 11/07/22
  • Fix php warning
  • Fix issue with the way to load the plugin
VERSION 1.5.10 - 24/06/22
  • Add new feature to open the mobile menu from an external link (see doc)
VERSION 1.5.9 - 01/06/22
  • Fix issue with the bar title not shown if a module is loaded inside
VERSION 1.5.8 - 21/03/22
  • Fix issue with the locked state
  • Fix issue with demo data installed on each update
VERSION 1.5.7 - 08/03/22
  • Fix error with the show icons option
VERSION 1.5.6 - 04/03/22
  • Fix error with the show icons option
  • Add video tutorial for the show icons option
VERSION 1.5.5 - 02/03/22
  • Fix JS issue with Maximenu CK and Accordeon Menu CK
VERSION 1.5.4 - 01/03/22
  • [Pro] Add compatibility with the native mod_menu for icon in each menu item
  • [Pro] Add compatibility with the native mod_menu for text replacement in each menu item
  • [Pro] Add compatibility with the native mod_menu for mobile disable in each menu item
  • Add option to show counter of children
  • [Pro] Add option to setup width and height of icons
  • Add compatibility for the css override with the new path to the template media folder
  • Add hover effect for the default css and theme3
  • Remove text underline in the default css
  • Fix issue with Advanced Modules Manager
VERSION 1.5.3 - 02/03/22
  • Revert back to 1.5.1 version because of a fatal error on joomla 3
VERSION 1.5.2 - 01/03/22
  • Cancelled, see 1.5.4
VERSION 1.5.1 - 15/02/22
  • Add title attribute from menu link
  • [Pro] Fix issue with custom menu creation since 1.5.0
  • Fix issue with submenu position in slide effect
VERSION 1.5.0 - 31/01/22
  • [Pro] Code refactoring for the admin component to avoid issues
  • Remove useless button to edit in the merge option
VERSION 1.4.3 - 18/12/21
  • Fix issue with topfixed option enabled even if not needed
VERSION 1.4.2 - 29/11/21
  • Add smooth animation option for the accordion display
  • Add toggle option for the accordion display
  • Add option to lock the state, without using the button
VERSION 1.4.1 - 09/11/21
  • Add top fixed effect option : always or onscroll
VERSION 1.4.0 - 27/09/21
  • Add new effect Flyout
  • Add detection type option to use the mobile menu on desktop too (all resolutions)
  • Fix issue with the lock option
  • [Pro] Add styling options for the submenus
VERSION 1.3.8 - 21/09/21
  • Add option for a lock button to store the state of the menu when navigating in the website
  • Fix issue in the code when using Joomla 4
VERSION 1.3.7 - 24/08/21
  • Improve compatibility with Joomla 4 : radio buttons issue in styling interface
VERSION 1.3.6 - 19/07/21
  • [Pro] Add compatibility with Joomla 4 (the Light version is already compatible)
VERSION 1.3.5 - 06/05/21
  • Fix issue with duplicated css
VERSION 1.3.4 - 16/04/21
  • Fix issue with 1.3.3
VERSION 1.3.3 - 14/04/21
  • Fix issue with CLI applications
VERSION 1.3.2 - 15/03/21
  • Fix issue with CSS override
  • Fix issue with merged menu and effect fade or slide
  • [Pro] Fix issue with Accordeon Menu CK selection in merge list
VERSION 1.3.1 - 10/02/21
  • Add compatibility with Mediabox CK
  • Fix issue with merge feature and effect type other than flat
VERSION 1.3.0 - 05/01/21
  • Add styling options for :hover state
  • Add styling options for :active state
  • Add options to show the logo in multiple positions simultaneously
  • Check compatibility with PHP 8
  • Fix issue with logo that is always shown
  • Fix issue with logo custom image source
VERSION 1.2.8 - 09/12/20
  • Fix issue with not loaded if countModules is not called in the template
VERSION 1.2.7 - 24/11/20
  • Fix issue with Maximenu CK and pushdown layout
  • Fix PHP warning
VERSION 1.2.6 - 23/11/20
  • Add options for custom logo
  • Fix issue with submenu not showing if the parent item has an image with no text
VERSION 1.2.5 - 11/11/20
  • Fix issue with special character in button text
  • Fix issue with module loaded into an article
VERSION 1.2.4 - 12/09/20
  • Fix issue with Accordeon Menu CK selector
VERSION 1.2.3 - 02/09/20
  • Fix issue with Open menu on, and Place to open options
VERSION 1.2.2 - 27/08/20
  • Fix issue with description shown in menu bar
VERSION 1.2.1 - 05/08/20
  • Add compatibility Watchful
  • Update the menu selector from to ul.nav
  • Fix issue with missing childselector option for the custom menus
VERSION 1.2.0 - 01/07/20
  • Add compatibility with Joomla 4
VERSION 1.1.3 - 26/06/20
  • Add option to choose how to open the menu : on click or mouseover
  • Add option to choose the place to open the menu : whole menu bar or only the button
VERSION 1.1.2 - 16/06/20
  • Add compatibility with Accordeon Menu CK V3
VERSION 1.1.1 - 29/05/20
  • Add compatibility with Scroll To CK
  • Add compatibility with rel attribute
  • Fix issue with current item name not shown in the menu bar
VERSION 1.1.0 - 20/04/20
  • Add new feature to load modules in the menu : menu bar, top of the menu, bottom of the menu. See documentation
VERSION 1.0.15 - 07/01/20
  • Add closing effect for slide over left and right
VERSION 1.0.14 - 07/11/19
  • Add option to write a text/html before each menu
  • Add option to write a text/html after each menu
VERSION 1.0.13 - 16/10/19
  • Fix issue with styles not loaded for custom menus
VERSION 1.0.12 - 16/08/19
  • Fix issue with CSS not loaded
VERSION 1.0.11 - 20/05/19
  • Fix issue with PHP files not loaded
VERSION 1.0.10 - 20/05/19
  • [Pro] Add option to show the mobile menu text
VERSION 1.0.8 - 19/02/19
  • [Pro] Fix issue with custom menu database table name
VERSION 1.0.7 - 23/01/19
  • Fix issue with JS if no selector found
  • Fix issue with quotes in custom text
  • Fix PHP warnings
VERSION 1.0.6 - 04/12/18
  • Fix issue with Themler template
VERSION 1.0.5 - 03/12/18
  • Fix issue with Maximenu CK and link href on mobile device
VERSION 1.0.4 - 01/12/18
  • Fix issue with option use description
  • Fix issue with option use modules
  • Fix issue with option use images
VERSION 1.0.3 - 22/11/18
  • Add compatibility with the new widget in Template Creator CK
VERSION 1.0.2 - 05/11/18
  • Add new icon theme
  • Fix issue with maximenu items
  • Fix issue with maximenu module ID
VERSION 1.0.1 - 22/10/18
  • Fix issue with loading of module
VERSION 1.0.0 - 03/09/18
  • First issue

Fast and powerful creation, customizable and responsive.

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