Compile CSS Options

Maximenu CK comes with an option to compile the CSS. This is useful to save some server loads and cache the CSS file.

This option has been developped to improve your SEO and speed up your website.

To find these options, go in the Maximenu CK module >> Styles Options.

maximenu compile options

The available options are :

- NO :

No compile, the theme PHP file is loaded and all styles are generated and included in each page load (to be used when doing your styles).


Compile all styles in a CSS page on each page load (only to be used when finished to create the compiled css file and test it). This will force to create the

- YES :

Use the existing CSS file where all styles are compiled. No more process is executed, it only loads the static file to save some server loads and allow the file to be cached (to be used once you have finished to style your menu).

Warning with the option YES

Using the option YES, your styles will no more be updated if you make any changes in the interface. If you want to update them you will need to use the COMPILE option.


Outil de création rapide, puissant et responsive.

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