• Cookies CK

  • Cookies CK - Alerte cookie pour l'Europe

    Cookies alert for the UE legislation

    Affichez une alerte sur les cookies pour vos visiteurs en accord avec la législation européenne. C'est très simple et vous pouvez le styler comme vous voulez.



  • Cookies CK - Cookie alert for the EU users

    Cookies alert for the UE legislation

    Show a cookie alert for your visitors accoring to the European Union legislation. This is simple to use and can be styled in various designs.



  • How to translate the cookie alert

    How to translate the cookie alert

    The plugin Cookies CK has been designed multilanguage, this means that you can translate it like you want in any language, but also change the message that is displayed.


    How to create my own language

    First thing that you can check is the list of available existing translations : See all translations for Cookies CK on Transifex

    Then you can create your own language in the path


    For each language you must have a folder here. Example : en-GB for english, fr-FR for french, de-De for german...

    You can paste the .ini files from Transifex, or create your own files by copying the en-GB files


    into your own language (example with german) to put in the correct language folder



    The full path of your files in this example will be



    Override the existing language

    Joomla! has a language override system included in the core. Go in your admin >> Extensions >> Language >> Overrides

    language override admin menu

    Then click on the New button to create your override. Here you must set 2 things :

    • the initial language string to override. You will find all strings in the language files (see above for location)
    • the new translated message

    In the plugin Cookies CK, the message that is shown in the bar is rendered using the string COOKIESCK_INFO

    See how you can write your own message here

    language override example


    Download Cookies CK


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