Cookies alert for the UE legislation

Show a cookie alert for your visitors accoring to the European Union legislation. This is simple to use and can be styled in various designs.





Multiple positions
You can show the alert on the top or on the bottom of the page, and also make it sticky.
Custom read more link
Choose between an article and a custom url to put on your readmore button.
Read more attributes
There are additional options where you can set the "rel" attribute and set an anchor tag (useful for one page websites).
Custom duration
After the message has been accepted by the visitor, it will not shown anymore during 365 days. You can set your own value here for the cookie lifetime.
Advanced options
Use the styling interface to create the look and design of your message. You can set the colors, margins, etc on any element like the bar, the text, and also the buttons. If you want to speed up your work you can also use one of the presets to give a fresh look to your cookie alert in one click.
Choose a menu item for the read more link and use the menu associations to redirect your visitor to the correct page according to the language of the page.

Using Cookies CK

You can use the options available directly from the plugin administration.

cookies plugin options

Note that the styles customization is only available in the Params version.

Styling interface

Using the Cookies CK Params you can style the cookie alert like you want directly into a friendly interface with a direct preview. You can style what you want like the backgrounds, the colors, rounded corners ... etc

The styles are available for the bar, the text, the button and you can add an overlay to avoid your users to click on the website before accepting the cookies.

Use one of the presets to give a nice look to your website with one click :

styling interface presets


Download Cookies CK

Download Cookies CK Params



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