Cookies consent logs

You can choos to list the cookies consents from your visitors. This can be needed in accordance with the law of your country. Cookies CK allows you to do that easily from the plugin options and it will store the following informations :

  • Unique key that is stored in a cookie to identify the user choice
  • User action : accept, decline, update
  • IP of the visitor, partially masked to be GPDR compliant
  • Date and time of the action
  • Page url where the consent has been given
  • ID of the consent form
  • Categories that the user selected in the consent


How to enable the cookies logs


Go in the Cookies CK plugin administration in the Logs tab. You can enable the log :

enable logs

You can choose for each of your website if you wnat to enable or not the log of the user action concerning the cookies consents.


Search or Export the logs

You can go in the Cookies CK plugin to see the logs. It will show the list of all user actions, you can use the search field to get any needed information. Once you have the list of the informations that you need, you can click on the export button and it will give you a CSV file of the list of consents. You can then save your logs on your computer and open the CSV file with your favorite software.

cookies logs


Setup access to the logs

You must take care that not every user of your website that can go in the plugin options has access to the logs. You can manage the access right using the Joomla ACL to tell which usergroup can view the logs.

Go in your website configuration >> Cookies CK >> Enable logs >> setup the rights that you want for the usergroups

options manage log



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