Accordeon Menu CK joomla

Add an accordion menu to your Joomla website. animated effects, multiple options to open the submenus, and modules loading inside the menu.



Features of the menu Accordeon CK

  • Animated effects to open submenus (uses the default Joomla! library)
  • Multiple use on the same page
  • Description under each menu link
  • Loading of other modules in the menu
  • MVC structure
  • Image display with or without text
  • Unlimited levels
  • Click or mouseover behavior
  • Custom +/- images
  • Compile CSS to improve SEO and server loads
  • Styles options
  • Possible use of theme for designers
  • Friendly design interface for styles customization (with Accordeon CK Params)
  • 20+ themes preinstalled (with Accordeon CK Params)
  • Import / Export of styles to save and share (with Accordeon CK Params)
  • Custom CSS option (with Accordeon CK Params)
  • Specific mobile menu (with Mobile Menu CK)


Articles by date
You can show your articles ordered by date into your menu with an accordion feature. This is automatic and needs only few clicks to work.
Articles from categories
You can show your articles loaded from any category in your accordion menu. The articles will be loaded automatically. This feature is also compatible with Flexicontent.
Make the module Accordeon CK compatible with the ecommerce component called Hikashop. List automatically all your published Hikashop categories in a accordion menu in a few seconds.
Make the module Accordeon CK compatible with the ecommerce component called Virtuemart. List automatically all your published Virtuemart categories in a accordion menu in a few seconds.
Advanced options
Use the styling interface to create the look and design of your menu, add options on menu items (rel, css class, description ...), and load any module in your menu.
Mobile menu
transform your accordion menu into a mobile application. Give a new look to your website for the visitors on tablet (iPad) or mobile phones.

Demo of the menu Accordeon CK



The menu Accordeon CK is an advanced menu system that allows you to insert some descriptions for each menu link, to load any module in the menu structure, and display some image beside the text or just without any text.


Adding a description to the link of the menu

To add a description, you must put two vertical separators "||". You can add some description on any link item of the menu. Example :

Title of the link||Description of the link

maximenuck desc 1 en

Screenshot of the structure :

maximenuck desc 2 en


Adding a module in the menu

To load a module you just have to call it with its ID. You must create a 'separator' menu item and write in the title the call to the module. Example :


Screenshot of structure of the menu :

maximenuck module 2 en

To find ID of the module to load, go to modules manager in your Joomla! website. The last column gives you the information.

maximenuck module 1 en


TIPS: you can load the module in a fictive position (that doesn't exist in the template) just by typing the name (ici 'maximenuCK') in the field 'position' .

Customize your Joomla! menu design easily

With the Accordeon CK Params you can manage you menu design and create your own styles very easily using an instant preview interface ! Install Accordeon CK Params and manage your menu styles directly from the module administration, without technical knowledge required, and no need to edit the files.


Donwload the module Accordeon Menu CK for Joomla 3

Download the module Accordeon Menu CK for Joomla 2.5

Download the documentation of the module Accordeon Menu CK

Download the plugin Accordeon Menu Params

Download the patch Accordeon - Virtuemart

Download the patch Accordeon - Hikashop

Download Mobile Menu CK

Vote on the JED for Accordeon Menu CK


Release notes (click to show) :

VERSION 2.2.3 - 04/09/19
  • Remove the module not found message
VERSION 2.2.2 - 28/04/19
  • Fix a PHP issue
VERSION 2.2.1 - 03/09/18
  • Add compatibility with the new Mobile Menu CK
VERSION 2.2.0 - 02/05/18
  • Add new Source tab with a select list to choose the source of items
  • Add new counter of items in the menu layout
  • [Params] Add options to load Articles by date automatically
VERSION 2.1.4 - 20/12/17
  • [Params] Add options to style the active item for the 3 levels
VERSION 2.1.3 - 28/02/17
  • Fix issue when using existing styles for another module
VERSION 2.1.2 - 31/10/16
  • Fix issue with menu group styles not saved correctly
VERSION 2.1.1 - 20/10/16
  • Fix issue with 2.0.x styles backward compatibility
VERSION 2.1.0 - 19/10/16
  • New Accordeon Params with new styling interface
  • New frontend layout more extensible and stable
  • Documentation updated
  • New 20+ themes preinstalled in the Params
  • CSS compilation option for SEO and light server load
VERSION 2.0.20 - 29/01/16
  • Fix issue with the color picker fields
VERSION 2.0.19 - 29/01/16
  • Fix problem with the menu opening multiple times
VERSION 2.0.18 - 25/01/16
  • Fix php error when using an item with new window without navigation
VERSION 2.0.17 - 09/01/16
  • Fix css issue with active class if the base item is not set on current




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