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Captcha CK for Joomla!

This is a captcha for Joomla that will replace recaptcha and others in a fast and easy way. Captcha CK is based on multiple rules to avoid any bot to submit your forms and protect yourself from undesired emails.




Submission check

The captcha will check if the form has been submitted correclty using the form from a natural browser.

Hidden field

A honeypot that will catch the bots if they check the box that is hidden using CSS.

Time trap

You can choose the minimum duration that shall be taken to fill your form. If someone fill it too quickly, it's a bot.

Mathematical check

Ask your users to fill the input with a small calculation result. This question is rendered as an image using Javascript and is only visible in a browser and human readable.


Captcha CK is the perfect solution to protect your Joomla website.


Easy to setup.
Can be used in any form.
Developed according to the Joomla standards, select it in your website configuration.




Mathematic check

You can ask your users to make a small calculation and give the result in a text field. It's easy, because the generated numbers will be between 1 and 10, but they will need to make the addition..

Against bot :

The equation will not be rendered in the page using HTML, it will be generated using Javascript and added as an image to the form. The bot will not be able to search for the texts because they will not be there.


css design


merge feature options



Multiple controls

There are multiple checks that can be made to verify the submission of the form using Captcha CK :

  • Mathematical calculation : ask your visitor to make an addition of 2 numbers
  • Time trap : check that the form has not been submitted too quickly
  • Cookie check : check that the form has been submitted by a person using a standard browser
  • Hidden field : honeypot, if you check the box, you are a bot !

Excepted for the mathematical calculation, everything is transparent for the user and automatically managed during the form submission.



No hidden costs

Are you afraid about the limit of use, the number of checks and submission ? Don't worry, there is no hidden cost and you can use Captcha CK how many times you want. There is no limit, the plugin works directly on your server during the form submission and there is no external connection to any other server.

You can also install it on multiple websites with the same licence and there is no limit in time. Once installed, it works.

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How to setup Captcha CK

Go in your extensions manager and install the plugin, then go in the plugins list and enable it (plugin type : captcha). Once activated you can select it in your website configuration to apply it to any form created for your website.

That's all, you don't have anything more to do. If you want you can customize it using the plugin options.



Pro version

Mathematical calculation check

Time trap

Cookie check

CSS hidden field (honeypot)

Forum support

Use on multiple domains

1 Year updates

24 €



Release notes (click to show) :

VERSION 1.0.0 - 28/05/24
  • First issue

Fast and powerful creation, customizable and responsive.

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