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Custom Canonical CK is a simple plugin especially used for SEO. It will allow you to manage the canonical tag for your articles and other items. Nicely integrated in the native options, it is really easy to use.



Auto Generate Canonical URLs

Adding a canonical URL is now easier than ever. Simply click the Auto button and Custom Canonical will automatically generate the canonical URL for you.

Remove Default Canonical

Joomla often sets incorrect canonical URLs. You have the option of removing those.

Canonical Pagination

Custom Canonical automatically appends pagination query strings to the end of the custom canonical URL on paginated results.

Custom Canonical Tags

You have the power to set the canonical tag to whatever you desire. This includes a different page on your site or an external site.

Item Based Canonicals

All canonical tags are item based. This means that (unlike some canonical solutions) they are URL agnostic. i.e. it is a real solution.

Boost your SEO

Using a canonical tag is good for your SEO. It will tell the system which page is unique in your website, and this avoids the famous duplicate content issue.

Supported Items




Menu Items

How it works

You must install and enable the plugin, then edit an item, for example an article, and go in the Publishing tag >> Metadata. Here  you will find the Custom Canonical CK option. You can click on the Auto button to automatically create the url for you. Take care that this will affect the SEO of your website and you must know what you are doing here.

custom canonical option


Light version

Automatically generate urls

Automatically remove default canonical

Compatible with the pagination

Use custom canonical tag

Forum support

Use on multiple domains

1 Year updates



Read the full online documentation


Release notes (click to show) :

VERSION 1.0.1 - 27/03/23
  • Add canonical tag for all pages where the tag has been set for the menu item
VERSION 1.0.0 - 19/12/22
  • First release

Fast and powerful creation, customizable and responsive.

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