Joomla! Floating module

Use Floating Module CK to choose any of your modules to make it float in the page. Just activate it in the module options and you can choose between multiple settings like float always or float on scroll, background color, distance with the page ....



  • One click activation
  • Apply to any module
  • Responsive behavior
  • Multiple float method : always float, or float only when the top of the screen touch the module
  • Options for distance with the screen
  • Float multiple modules in the same page


Some template frameworks are not compatible with this plugin because they don't use the standard Joomla! render processing for the modules.


How it works



Download Floating Module CK

Release notes (click to show) :

VERSION 1.1.11 - 09/03/19
  • Fix issue with position when using bottom limit
VERSION 1.1.10 - 16/05/18
  • Fix issue with bottom limit on scroll
VERSION 1.1.9 - 27/04/18
  • Fix issue with language attribute in html tag
VERSION 1.1.8 - 07/02/18
  • Fix issue with mobile resolution and floating activated on page load
VERSION 1.1.7 - 20/11/17
  • Fix issue with jQuery not loaded correctly
VERSION 1.1.6 - 06/09/17
  • Add option to be stop the floating with a bottom limit
  • Fix issue with module code rendered even if empty
VERSION 1.1.5 - 04/11/16
  • Add option to be always fixed on bottom
VERSION 1.1.4 - 29/08/16
  • Improve the code for better compatibility
VERSION 1.1.3 - 05/06/16
  • Fix position issue when logged on
VERSION 1.1.2 - 25/04/16
  • Fix html issue with missing space
VERSION 1.1.1 - 29/01/16
  • Fix problem with the frontend edition button
VERSION 1.1.0 - 27/01/16
  • Fix compatibility issues
  • Recoding of the main php feature
  • Add option to disable the effect for small screen
VERSION 1.0.0 - 08/12/15
  • First release

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