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With the plugin Tooltip GC you can easily add some tooltips in your Joomla website that will display with an animated effect. It can display everything (text, image, links...).



Features of the plugin Tooltip GC

  • Nice effect to show the tooltip
  • Customisation with CSS3 styles (shadow, gradient, border radius, opacity, ...)
  • Can contain everything (text, images, links, etc...)
  • Custom parameters to be applied on each tooltip (width, duration, ...)
  • Editor button to create your tooltip quickly without coding (using Tooltip GC Params)


Demo of Tooltip GC

Declencheurun petit garcon bien sympathique


Custom tooltiplogo maximenuck 64Maximenu CK est un megamenu pour Joomla!

Demo of a tooltip on an image :

logo maximenuck 64logo maximenuck 64Maximenu CK est un megamenu pour Joomla!


Developer words

This is the first extension that I have developped few years ago. I'm happy to still maintain it and continue to give you the best possible experience with it.

This tooltip extension was a collaborative work between Ghazal and me and the french community on at the beginning... in april 2009. I thank every people that have been taken part of it. I hope that I will continue to develop it and that you will continue to use it for years :)


Usage of Tooltip GC

Code to insert in an article (demo N°1) :

{tooltip}Declencheur{end-texte}un petit garcon bien sympathique{end-tooltip}


Code with custom parameters (demo N°2) :

{tooltip}Custom tooltip{end-texte|width=300|time=800|delayOut=1000|offsety=50}
<img style="margin: 3px;" src="/images/dms/categories/logo_maximenuck_64.png" alt="logo" width="64" height="64" />
<a href="/en/extensions-joomla/maximenu-ck">Maximenu CK</a> est un megamenu pour Joomla!{end-tooltip}

How to insert an image ? Use your editor to place the image where you want between the tags


List of custom parameters

width= : Width of the tooltip, example : width=300

offsetx= : horizontal offset in px, example : offsetx=50

offsety= : vertical offset in px, example : offsety=50

time= : Duration to show the tooltip, example : time=800

delayOut= : Duration before the tooltip disappears, example : delayOut=1500


Parameters of Tooltip GC

Extract of the styles options. You can set the main styles like the width, offset but also the colors for the background, the text and add some rounded corners.

tooltip options style

You can choose the default settings for your tooltips. Note that you can override these values for each toolip using the params (download Tooltip GC Params to help you to create the tooltips)

tooltip options effect

Tooltip GC Params

 Click on the button in the editor to open the edition popup. Here you can set your text to hover and reveal the tooltip, and also the content to put in it.

tooltipgc params edition button

In the popup you can set the texts but also the additional options like the width, offset and duration to apply specifically to this tooltip. If you leave these fields empy, it will use the plugin settings as default values.

tooltipgc params edition


Download the plugin Tooltip GC for Joomla 3.x

Download the plugin Tooltip GC Params for Joomla 3.x

Download the plugin Tooltip GC for Joomla 2.5

Download the plugin Tooltip GC for Joomla 1.5

Vote on the  JED if you like it !

Download the plugin Tooltip CK for Wordpress

Release notes (click to show) :

VERSION 4.1.2 - 19/02/18
  • Add behavior to click the tooltip on mobile when tap outside
VERSION 4.1.1 - 07/12/17
  • Fix issue with PHP notice
VERSION 4.1.0 - 24/07/17
  • New JS to improve the behavior
VERSION 4.0.10 - 25/04/17
  • Fix issue with frontend edition
VERSION 4.0.9 - 24/03/17
  • Add compatibility with PHP7
VERSION 4.0.8 - 30/11/15
  • Fix an issue with html validation, replace rel attribute with data-params


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