logo maximenuck 64Maximenu CK

Maximenu CK is a Joomla megamenu dropdown with nice effects.

logo slideshowck 64Slideshow CK

Slideshow CK, nice effect with this slideshow responsive design.

logo accordeonmenuck joomlaAccordeon Menu CK

Accordeon menu CK is a joomla accordion menu with mootools effects.

logo template creator joomlaTemplate Creator CK

Template Creator CK is a tool to create your own Joomla! templates.

tooltip infobulle joomla

With the plugin Tooltip GC you can easily add some tooltips in your Joomla website that will display with a mootools animated effect. It can display everything (text, image, links...).



Functionnalities of the plugin Tooltip GC

  • Nice effect to show the tooltip
  • Customisation with CSS3 styles (shadow, gradient, border radius, opacity, ...)
  • Can contain everything (text, images, links, etc...)
  • Custom parameters to be applied on each tooltip (width, duration, ...)


Demo of Tooltip GC

Declencheurun petit garcon bien sympathique


Custom tooltiplogo maximenuck 64Maximenu CK est un megamenu pour Joomla!

Demo of a tooltip on an image :

logo maximenuck 64logo maximenuck 64Maximenu CK est un megamenu pour Joomla!


Developer words

Who was looking for mootools tips and finally desespeared ? Me! 

I finally found an article on Alsacréations which exeplain how to do a css tooltip. This is the beginning of the idea for my script with mootools. Now with my extension you can add what you want event links and images in your tooltip.

This tooltip extension is a collaborative work between Ghazal and me and the french community on Joomla.fr. I thank every people that have been taken part of it.



Usage of Tooltip GC

Code to insert in an article (demo N°1) :

{tooltip}Declencheur{end-texte}un petit garcon bien sympathique{end-tooltip}


Code with custom parameters (demo N°2) :

{tooltip}Custom tooltip{end-texte|w=300|mood=800|tipd=1000|offsety=50}

<img style="margin: 3px;" src="/images/dms/categories/logo_maximenuck_64.png" alt="logo maximenuck 64" width="64" height="64" />

Maximenu CK est un megamenu pour Joomla!{end-tooltip}

How to insert an image ? Use your editor to place the image where you want between the tags


List of custom parameters

w= : Width of the tooltip, example : w=300px

offsetx= : horizontal offset in px, example : offsetx=50

offsety= : vertical offset in px, example : offsety=50

mood= : Duration to show the tooltip, example : mood=800

tipd= : Duration before the tooltip disappears, example : tipd=1500


Parameters of Tooltip GC




Download the plugin Tooltip GC for Joomla 3.x

Download the plugin Tooltip GC for Joomla 2.5

Download the plugin Tooltip GC for Joomla 1.5

Vote on the  JED if you like it !

Download the plugin Tooltip CK for Wordpress

Release notes :

Version 4.0.4 - 29/07/14 :
- now works on the touch devices too

Version 4.0.3 - 06/08/13 :
- you can now use the plugin in the frontend edition

Version 4.0.2 - 25/06/13 :
- fix an issue with the color picker options

Version 4.0.1 - 27/12/12 :
- fix a javascript bug

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