How to customize a theme

If you want to customize a theme to make any modification in it, you must take care about few essentials steps.

By default in the module you have few themes preinstalled.

If you are using one of this theme in your

Module >> Styles Options >> Theme (dropdown list)

and if you want to modify it, then you must follow these steps :

  1. Copy / Paste the existing theme folder that you want to modify
  2. Rename the folder to the name you want (without space or any special chararcter)
  3. Go in the Module >> Style Options >> Theme : select the new folder that you have created

That's it, you have created a custom theme where you can make any modifications.

Module styles options to select the new theme


Why do I need this

If you don't follow these steps and if you customize a preinstalled theme, all your modifications will be lost during the next update of the module that will copy the themes again.


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