After the installation of Mediabox CK you can create your first lightbox very easily.

  1. Create a link to an image
  2. Create a lightbox using the editor button

Create a link to an image

Go in your editor and create a link

  • set the url to what you want to show in the lightbox : an image, a video, a website
  • set the rel tag to Lightbox

Example with a lightbox to an image :

create link

Then you will get a simple link in your article

create link front

When you click on the link, it will open the Lightbox popup with the image that you have set in the link url

image popup


Create a lightbox using the editor button

This is the easiest way to create your lightbox directly with the interface. Click on the Mediabox CK button in your editor

apercu bouton mediaboxbutton

It will open a popup with the settings that you use to control how to show your lightbox.

editor button interface

You can use the interface to select the image to show in the lightbox, to create a gallery, add few settings to control your lightbox.


Fast and powerful creation, customizable and responsive.

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