How to use your license code

If you are using paid extensions, you may need to use your license code to update them automatically from your website.

Get your license code and set your domain

First you must login on with your username and password, then click on My orders in the right column to go in your personal area.

my orders

You will see your license code in the page. Example :

license code

This is the code that you must use in your websites to get the automatic updates. You must also tell on which websites you are allowing the license (this is to fight against hacking, and this allows you to remove the automatic updates on a website if you need to).

Set the domain of your website in the fields. You can click on the button Add a domain to add more than one domain.

domains allowed

Once your list is ok, click on the Save my domains button to save your data. You can edit or remove your domains at any time.


Put your license code into your website

To do that you will need to install the extension Extensions Manager CK. This is useful to install and update your extensions and it will manage your license code for all extensions

website license

Note : if you install an extension after having set your license code, just go in the Extensions Manager CK, then click on the Save button to save your license and it will apply to all extensions again, including the new ones.


Update your extension

Go in the admin menu of your website >> Extensions >> Update. You will see the list of extensions that needs to be updated, you can select the one you want to update and click on the Update button. It will now works for the paid extensions from JoomlaCK if your membership to this extension is still valid.

extensions update


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