You can load a video in your slides using the slides manager directly into the module.

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Hosted or local video ?

The first question to ask is what video do you want to use. A hosted video like Youtube, or a local (MP4) file located on your own server/site ?

  1. Hosted video

Most popular hosting system of videos like youtube have their own method to launch a video with the autoplay feature. Example with youtube, you can give the link to the Youtube player + your video ID :

This is the url that you must enter into the video field of your slide. Now if you want to autoplay the video on page load, you can add &autoplay=1 in the url like this

See the documentation of Youtube

If you are using another hosted video service, you can check its documentation to see how it works.

The autoplay option on the slide has no effect as the autoplay must be managed by the video hosting service.


Local video

You can use the edit button in the video field to open a popup where you can browser your medias folders and search for a video file. Select the file you want to use and it will be added in the slide options.

You can use the Autoplay option to select if you want the video to play when the slide is loaded, or not.

If the url of your video starts with http, then it will be considered as a hosted video and not a local one.


Browser compatibility

This is an important note about why it does not work. You must understand that the web rules are changing fast and the browsers are not limiting the ability to play a video automatically, and to enable the sound for it.

Firefox :

You must check if you have enabled the sound and video in the browser


Google Chrome :

Especially for Chrome, the video must be muted to allow the autoplay feature. So if you set your video to autoplay, you will need to manually enable the sound using the video controls


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