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You can load the images from a Instagram page directly in your slideshow. You can use an Instagram account or hashtag, there is no need to login or use anything complicated. You just have to write the username or the hashtag from the page that you want to display, that's it !

You can also set the period when you want to check for new images, every 1 hour for example. The system will also use the cache features to speed up the loading time once the data have been retrieved.

Setup the account or hashtag

go in the Slideshow CK module >> Source >> select Instagram

In the options below you can choose if you want to use a username or a hashtag. Here are 2 example of what you can do


Example of page to load :

myleycirus is the uername that you will need to fill

instagram username


Example of page to load :

uxdesign is the hashtag that you will need to fill

instagram hashtag

Check for new images

You can use the option Check for new images every 1 hour. You can update this value to what you want, but it can not be less than 1 hour to avoid too much requests from your server on the Instagram website.

The system also uses a cache feature to store the data during the cycle, you can clear it manually to force the new images to be checked again (for testing purpose)

Go in your website administration >> System >> Clear cache, then select mod_slideshowck.instagram and clear it.


Number of slides

Note that for performance reasons, the number of images loaded from Instagram is by default limited to 10. You can change this value by putting your own value in the module >> Options >> Number of slides


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