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Maximenu CK is a Joomla megamenu dropdown with nice effects.

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Slideshow CK, nice effect with this slideshow responsive design.

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Accordeon menu CK is a joomla accordion menu with mootools effects.

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maximenu hikashop ecommerce megamenu

This patch allows you to make the module Maximenu CK compatible with the e-commerce component called Hikashop. You can now list automatically all your published Hikashop categories in a dropdown menu in a few seconds.



How does it work ?

In each category editing page you will have the Maximenu CK options that are natively integrate to Hikashop thanks to a special Partnership between both extensions.

screenshot hikashop category maximenu options

You will also have a new button in the Categories listing page in the Hikashop component. You can use it to open the Maximenu interface where you can easily create the columns, add the description and play with many options for your e-commerce megamenu :

screenshot hikashop categories listing maximenu button

screenshot hikashop maximenu popup


Demo video

What options available ?

You can do some very cool stuff thanks to this patch. Hereafter a list of things that you can do :

  • Multicolumns
  • Adding description under menu links
  • HTML encapsulation
  • Specific column width
  • Menu icons from the Font Awesome library or any other library
  • Loading of category thumbnail, or specific image for each link
  • Show / Hide the categories on mobile / desktop
  • Fullwidth, flat display ...

The patch is compatible with Maximenu CK and Joomla 3

The package to purchase for 9€ contains :

  • the patch to install from your extensions manager
  • a documentation in english and french (20 pages)


Example of use of the patch Maximenu - Hikashop :

capture maximenu6-Hikashop


Download the Patch Maximenu CK - Hikashop - Joomla 3.x

Download the Patch Maximenu CK - Hikashop - Joomla 2.5 (old method without integration, refer to the included documentation)


Release notes :

2.0.0 :
- native integration with Hikashop
- special menu link to easily load your categories

1.0.3 :
- fix a php error

1.0.2 :
- allow category access option

1.0.1 :
- fix an issue on the active item in the product view

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