Maximenu virtuemart, megamenu ecommerce

This patch allows you to make the module Maximenu_CK compatible with the ecommerce component called Virtuemart. You can now list automatically all your published Virtuemart categories in a dropdown menu in a few seconds.


How does it work ?

In the description of each category you can add some parameters with the tag {maximenu}. These tags will not appear on your site thanks to the plugin included in the package that cleans all params in the page.


What options are available ?

You can do some very cool stuff thanks to this patch. Hereafter the list of what you can do :

  • Multicolumns
  • Adding description under menu links
  • HTML encapsulation (only available on v2 and v3)
  • Specific column width
  • Menu icons : loading of category thumbnail, or specific image for each link


The package contains :

  • the patch (file to copy)
  • a plugin Joomla! to hide the tags {maximenu}
  • a documentation in english and french


Download the Patch Maximenu CK - Virtuemart 3 - Joomla 3

Download the Patch Maximenu CK v6 - Virtuemart 2 - Joomla 2.5


Release Notes :

3.0.0 - 02/12/14 :
- compatible with Virtuemart 3 and Joomla! 3

2.0.3 :
- fixed a bug with categories listing

2.0.2 :
- fixed a bug using categories depth
- added an option to return to the line : newrow


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