Page Builder CK Params

The Params addon will give you more elements to use in your page and will add some features to the component. The Params package will install some other Page Builder CK plugins that you can use to drag'n drop some new elements into your pages.




Page Builder CK Params allows you to add more features to the component.

  • Export your page to a .pbck file to save or share it
  • Import the .pbck file to restore your page
  • Additional element type Images Slider
  • Additional element type Google Map
  • Additional element type Testimonials
  • Additional element type Animated number
  • Additional element type Button
  • Additional element type Table / Price table
  • Additional element type Social icons
  • Additional element type Contact form
  • Use of styles favorites from the library
  • Create your own styles favorite and reuse it in any page
  • Use of the online library on JoomlaCK to use predefined elements
  • and more coming ...


Check the demos videos to see what you can do with Page Builder CK.


Import / Export

Use the buttons to save your page and restore it in the same or in another website.

pbck import pbck export 

Fast actions ni one click, just select the page and click on Export to get the download button. Select your .pbck file and click on the import button to load your new page into your website.


Images Slider

pbck images slider

Drag and drop the element in your page and you will get a lightweight and nice images slider.

You can add / remove your slides, select your images from the one that you have on your server, and order them with drag and drop.

For each image you can choose a title and write your description into an editor.


Google Map

pbck google map

Add the element in your page to create a google map in the minute. You can write the address and the system will automatically locate it and returns the Longitude and Latitude values. You can adapt the Long. and Lat. values to be accurate to the position you need to focus.

You can set the zoom value, add a marker tooltip with a title and a custom content, and choose if you want it to be shown on mouseover or click on the marker icon.



pbck testimonials

Use the testimonials element to add a nice customer comment effect to your website. You can add multiple items and order them with drag and drop, and for each item you can set an image (for the person), the name, status or company, a link, and a custom text to be shown into the quotes.



Animated number

pbck animated number

Add an animated number to your website to be more attractive for your visitors. The counter will start as soon as it appears in the screen area on scroll.

You can set the start and end value and the step for the counting value, but also the start and end radius for the circle. You can also choose a color, the circle thickness, and diameter, and the time for the animation.


And more ... :

  • Blog
  • Button
  • Contact
  • Heading
  • Open street map
  • Social icons
  • Table
  • Teams
  • Vertical tabs

Download Page Builder CK Params


Release notes (click to show) :

VERSION 2.5.1 - 12/10/19
  • Params removed and replaced with the Pro version
VERSION 2.3.12 - 03/06/19
  • [Blog] Add option in the blog to have a pagination
VERSION 2.3.11 - 23/04/19
  • [Contact] Fix issue with captcha not working
VERSION 2.3.10 - 03/04/19
  • [Heading] Allow html in the title text
  • Fix issue with assets not called correctly in all needed pages
VERSION 2.3.9 - 28/03/19
  • [Animated Number] Add options for thousands separator, decimal separator and suffix
VERSION 2.3.8 - 13/03/19
  • [Heading] Add option for link and link styles
  • [Iframe] New iframe addon
  • Update plugins code to remove unwanted code from the constructor
VERSION 2.3.7 - 11/03/19
  • [Gallery] Add options for link target
  • [Open Street Map] Fix issue with marker not shown if no text
  • [Open Street Map] Fix issue with JCE and edition into an article
  • [Open Street Map] Fix issue with zoom not applied
  • [Table] Fix issue with resolution value not saved
VERSION 2.3.6 - 01/02/19
  • Start the compatibility for Joomla 4
  • [Gallery] Added options to show the title and description in the Lightbox
  • [Heading] Fix issue with icon position
  • [Slider] Add option to hide the caption on mobile
  • [Slider] Add options to add thumbnails for navigation
VERSION 2.3.5 - 09/01/18
  • [Openstreetmap] Update all urls for https
VERSION 2.3.4 - 13/12/18
  • [Blog] Add option to limit text length
VERSION 2.3.3 - 13/12/18
  • Add required option for any field
  • Add options for CC and BCC email
  • Make the send button text translatable
  • Option to give a custom translatable text to the button
  • Custom thank you message
  • Custom email message
VERSION 2.3.2 - 24/11/18
  • Fix issue with library items listing
VERSION 2.3.1 - 18/11/18
  • Fix issue with Gallery addon on Chrome browser
  • Fix issue with Gallery addon when using Image Effect and Mediabox
VERSION 2.3.0 - 10/11/18
  • Add compatibility with 2.3.0 version
  • Improve button addon styles for a more flat design
VERSION 2.2.9 - 30/10/18
  • Fix issue with addons settings cleared when favorite style applied
VERSION 2.2.8 - 30/10/18
  • Fix issue with addons settings cleared when favorite style applied
VERSION 2.2.7 - 30/10/18
  • Fix issue
VERSION 2.2.6 - 02/10/18
  • Add new Gallery addon
VERSION 2.2.5 - 27/08/18
  • Add new Contact V2 addon, remove the old contact addon
VERSION 2.2.4 - 19/07/18
  • Add new item : Heading
  • Add new Shape Divider feature with 18 shapes
  • Fix issue in blog for image effect selection
VERSION 2.2.3 - 17/05/18
  • Fix issue with read more translation in Teams
VERSION 2.2.2 - 14/05/18
  • Fix issue with image edition in Vertical Tabs
VERSION 2.2.1 - 19/03/18
  • Fix issue with table item, with responsive resolution not working
VERSION 2.2.0 - 04/03/18
  • Update the plugins to work with the compile CSS option
VERSION 2.0.7 - 02/03/18
  • Fix issue with favorite edition and save
VERSION 2.0.6 - 21/02/18
  • Fix issue with googlemap marker and single quote
VERSION 2.0.5 - 11/02/18
  • Fix issue with table styles not updated
VERSION 2.0.4 - 05/02/18
  • Fix issue with blog (division by zero)
  • Fix issue with googlemap when using marker
VERSION 2.0.3 - 11/01/18
  • Add new item : Blog
VERSION 2.0.2 - 30/11/17
  • Fix issue with favorites not applied correctly
  • Improve the editor save method and remove useless save button
VERSION 2.0.1 - 23/11/17
  • [contact] Fix issue with contact selection
VERSION 2.0.0 - 16/11/17
  • New interface, cleaner and faster
  • Update to work in the left panel edition for the V2
  • Add new menu link selection (in the button item)
VERSION 1.3.4 - 19/10/17
  • [contact] Fix issue in contact plugin with captcha from component options
VERSION 1.3.3 - 04/10/17
  • [tabs, accordions] Fix issue with tabs, accordions and other elements freezing on Chrome and Safari
VERSION 1.3.2 - 17/07/17
  • Update the media library request for a client side to avoid server communication problems
VERSION 1.3.1 - 27/06/17
  • New item : Vertical tabs
VERSION 1.3.0 - 15/05/17
  • Improve compatibility with scripts and Joomla! 3.7: remove useless files
  • Fix issue with the slider when removing the last slide
VERSION 1.2.5 - 04/05/17
  • Fix issue with editor in Joomla! 3.7
  • Fix issue with Google map not rendering correctly
VERSION 1.2.4 - 06/12/16
  • Fix issue with translation in the contact form submission message
VERSION 1.2.3 - 19/10/16
  • Add Compatibility with Snazzy Maps to customize your Google Maps
  • Add target option for link on buttons
  • Fix issue with contact form not showing the send copy button
VERSION 1.2.2 - 13/07/16
  • Update the Google Map to the new Google API
  • Add option to set the Google Map type
VERSION 1.2.1 - 11/04/16
  • New Library feature to load a model from the JoomlaCK Media library
  • Improve the contact item display in the interface
VERSION 1.2.0 - 28/03/16
  • New item : Social Icons
  • New item : Table
  • New item : Contact Form
VERSION 1.1.1 - 07/03/16
  • Add option to align the button
VERSION 1.0.6 - 22/02/16
  • Fix issue with the function selectimagefile missing in the slider
VERSION 1.0.5 - 20/02/16
  • Recode Slider javascript to add autoplay option
  • Recode Testimonials javascript to add autoplay option
  • Fix edition issues in Testimonials
  • Fix edition issues in Slider
VERSION 1.0.4 - 20/01/16
  • Change a PHP code in the Googlemap element to avoid errors with the version 1.1.11 of Page Builder CK
VERSION 1.0.3 - 18/01/16
  • Fix some translation issue in the Button element
VERSION 1.0.2 - 05/01/16
  • Add the onshow trigger on elements when added to the page to avoid issue with jaavscript
VERSION 1.0.1 - 22/12/15
  • Add new Button element

Fast and powerful creation, customizable and responsive.

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