Joomla responsive slideshow

Playlist CK can display your images or videos with nice effects. It is compatible with mobiles, and responsive design (adaptive width). You can easily manage the slide in the module options with a Drag & Drop interface.



Warning ! This extension is no more supported.

Features of Playlist CK

  • Drag & drop slide manager
  • Unlimited slides
  • Responsive design
  • Load the images directly from a folder (needs the plugin Playlist params)
  • You can add a link on any slide
  • Can display images or videosOpen the links in a Lightbox, native Joomla! or Mediabox CK (needs the plugin Playlist params)
  • Multiple effects to display the slides
  • Thumbnails can be put on the left or on the right
  • Option to show the text on the thumbnails
  • Many params to style the module
  • Captions with HTML allowed (to put some links for example)
  • Normal or random order for the slides

Demo of Playlist CK

Example with thumbnails on the left without text.

playlistck sample left


Using Playlist CK

You can add your own slides with a Drag & Drop interface directly in the module administration. You can select an image to show for each slide and then add a link for each one too. For each slide you can choose to display a video, then you will select an image that will be used for the transition.

playlistck options1 en

You can order your slides just by sliding them with Drag & Drop. Test the Responsive design by resizing your browser window, you will see the slideshow will adapt its width.

Options of the module Playlist CK

playlistck options styles1 en

playlistck options styles2 en

playlistck options effects en

playlistck options article en

playlistck options lightbox en

playlistck options advanced en


Download the module Playlist CK - Joomla 3.x

Download the module Playlist CK - Joomla 2.5

Download the Documentation Playlist CK

Download the Plugin Playlist CK Params

Release notes :

VERSION 1.1.3 - 09/10/14
- added option to group the images in an album with Mediabox CK
- added option to put the article link on the image

VERSION 1.1.2 - 20/07/14
- added option to load images automatically from the articles, but based on the first image of the content

VERSION 1.1.1 - 31/05/14
- fix an issue on the caption styles

VERSION 1.1.0 - 24/02/14
- added options to load automatically the article from category(ies)
- reoranise the options in the module admin

VERSION 1.0.1 - 10/02/14
- added strings for translation
- fix an issue on caption using load from folder

VERSION 1.0.0 - 28/11/13
- first release

Fast and powerful creation, customizable and responsive.

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